The Capital Police Directorate arrested an Indian national on suspicion of stealing valuables and AED 50,000 from 11 venues in Abu Dhabi, including clinics, saloons, and mobile phone shops.

The Capital Police Directorate managed to retrieve part of the stolen items, following diligent security efforts by investigation teams that tracked down the suspect and arrested him before targeting other shops.

Colonel Ahmed Saif bin Zeitoun Al Muhairi, Director of the Capital Police Directorate, explained that several reports were received by the police, about a string of thefts taking place on Abu Dhabi Island. Initial investigations indicated that the thief has been sneaking into the shops through the windows, using a hammer to break-open the cash drawers.

Adding further, he said: “Investigation teams were formed immediately and began monitoring possible targets. Field patrols were dispatched to various locations and were equipped with electronic systems. The police members managed to locate the suspect in the Al Khalidyah area and arrested him as he tried to resist and flee the scene.”

“Investigations showed that the suspect, identified as B.N.B.K, 30 years old, is wanted for a cheque bounce case, and police have issued an all-points bulletin for his arrest, for allegedly absconding his sponsor. He confessed to conducting thefts at stealing from 11 venues in Abu Dhabi, including clinics, saloons, and mobile phone shops. Based on his confessions, he was referred to the competent legal authorities.

Colonel Al Muhairi called upon business owners to keep their money and valuable items in safe places, and be cautious when dealing with strangers who frequently come to their shops with no obvious reasons. He also called upon the public to report any suspicious activities or individuals in commercial or residential areas, as it contributes to achieving quick response and crime prevention.

In conclusion, Colonel Al Muhairi asserted that the Capital Police Directorate and its different stations are available and in full readiness round the clock, to respond to any notification. He also stressed the importance of community members’ cooperation to ensure the success of crime prevention efforts, which represent a top priority for the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters.

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