Brigadier Eng. Hussein Ahmed Al Harithi, Director General of Central Operations at Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, asserted that the Smart Traffic Towers Project developed by the Abu Dhabi Police is still in the pipeline and is not operational yet. He particularly refuted the accuracy of the information published on Wednesday by one of the daily newspapers in this regard.

 He said: “Even though the published article can be regarded as a positive message that most police institutions around the world mat take no heed of; the Abu Dhabi Police refuse to take credit for an undertaking that has not been completed yet. Ensuring the accuracy and validity of information is a must; and should be given priority, before making compelling headlines about projects or initiatives that are still under consideration or in the pipeline.”

Brigadier Al Harithi stressed the need to validate the accuracy of information when sourcing news related to the services provided to the public, which should not be material for getting scoops. He also emphasized the importance of sourcing information from responsible, accredited and reliable sources. He noted that the Abu Dhabi Police are keen on making official and regular announcements about development projects, in order to inform the public of the details associated with these projects before they become fully operational; upon completion of the experimental stages and ascertaining positive results to avoid any potential drawbacks.

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