Injuries related to work incidents in Abu Dhabi have witnessed an 11 percent decrease in 2014 with 85 injuries as compared to 96 injuries in 2013. Colonel Mohammed Al Ameri, Head of the Emergency and Public Safety Department, Directorate General of Central Operation at Abu Dhabi Police, attributed this reduction to the efforts made to raise the awareness of workers and employers in the areas of health and public safety precautions in workplace and accommodations. Workers and employers additionally received education in first aid and other necessary procedures in cases of accidents, which he said also contributed to the reduction.

Noting that the community ambulance teams conducted the outreach programs in first aid, Col. Al Ameri said that the programs included educating workers regarding the proper ways to call for an ambulance. The procedures include providing an accurate location and information regarding the incident, including assessing the injuries.  The program also educated workers on how to handle situations that involve fractures, burns, and suffocation. “The government is focusing on this segment of the community to foster the preventative methods in place in order to avoid accidents that may arise due to the nature of their work,” he said.

Additionally, Col. Mohammed Al Ameri explained that the community ambulance is a service provided by the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters and aims to enhance the awareness of all societal segments, including workers, on how to deal with emergency situations. He also noted that the duties of the team are focused on raising awareness regarding the importance of first aid for children, staff, workers, and housewives. The program also highlights the importance of councils, visiting patients, calling the operations room on 999, and identifying and finding solutions for the external needs of the training courses and obstacles faced by the medical team.

In the same context, Captain Yousef Al Ka’bi, Head of the Community Ambulance Section at the Emergency and Public Safety Department, explained that the objective of community ambulance is to reduce the response time and maintain a stable condition of the injured until the ambulance arrives. Other objectives include: educating individuals in the proper procedures of contacting operations room and providing accurate addresses, limiting false alarms that affect response time, promoting ambulance services, expanding community outreach, and fostering awareness on the importance on community ambulance.

He also noted that awareness campaigns focus on addressing domestic incidents and the preventative measures that need to be taken in order to reduce such incidents. The campaigns also focus on methods on how to handle such circumstances, should they occur, or when others ask for help. The awareness program also focused on the steps to be taken when calling for an ambulance when dealing with heart attacks, strokes, and diabetic episodes; alongside the concepts of providing first aid to children, and the importance of addressing child-related incidents.

The program also included reviewing accidents in order to educate individuals on the methods of insuring the stable condition of the  injured by opening blocked air paths, controlling fractures and bleeding, dealing with cases of suffocation, and securing the spine and back of an injured person in order to reduce complications.

He also said that community ambulance utilizes various methods of raising awareness by simplifying first aid procedures, providing practical applications for individuals, and giving individuals brochures about first aid to use after the training to use an information source when handling emergencies.
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