The Directorate General of Civil Defense - Abu Dhabi is hosting a special pavilion at the Ramadan and Eid Festival, which is held at the indoor venue of Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) in Abu Dhabi. The pavilion showcases the latest devices and equipment used by the civil defense, especially firefighters. It also features a set of purposeful activities for visitors, and educational competitions about safety guidelines in homes, kitchens and public places. Symbolic gifts and awareness-raising brochures are also distributed to the public at the pavilion.    

Lt. Colonel Mohammed Abdul Jalil Abdullah Ahmed Al Ansari, Director General of Civil Defense in Abu Dhabi, that participation in this popular family-friendly event is a part of the ‘Safety is Everyone's Responsibility’ initiative, which was recently launched by the General Directorate of Civil Defense, and will continue throughout the month of Ramadan across the emirate of Abu Dhabi. The campaign aims to promote the culture of prevention and safety among members of society.

Adding further, Lt. Colonel Al Ansari said: “The initiative is designed to provide access to members of the public wherever they are and in their preferred locations, with the aim of engaging them in the awareness drives intended to reinforce safety and prevention against fires.” Furthermore, he noted that the initiative consists of a set of lessons and awareness lectures supported by illustrative brochures, which are presented by a number of experts for the benefit of community members in their preferred locations.

Lt. Colonel Al Ansari noted that procedures were taken in preparation for Ramadan, according to elaborate plans, to ensure that public safety conditions and fire prevention requirements are met, as well as the safety and validity of the Ramadan tents that are scattered across Abu Dhabi. He also noted that the Civil Defense has ensured its readiness to promptly and efficiently handle any potential fires and emergencies.

In conclusion, Lt. Colonel Al Ansari praised the ‘Your Safety’ campaign carried out by the Security Media Department, at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior. He called upon the public to avail of the lessons and instructions issued by the Civil Defense and to abide by the safety and prevention requirements and guidelines, especially during the summer, in order to avoid fire accidents.
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