Over the week, the Abu Dhabi Police’s Mobile Dental Care Unit provided dental check-ups for citizens at the Al Bateen and Al Zaab majlis halls in Abu Dhabi. The services included educating the citizens on maintaining oral hygiene and urging them to have regular check-ups.

Major General Khalil Dawood Badran, Director General of Finance and Services at Abu Dhabi Police, said that the Mobile Dental Care Unit provides its public services in Abu Dhabi as per the instructions of Lt. General HH Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior; which call for the provision of the best medical services to the public. “The unit, which is part of the ‘Plants of Hope’ initiative, will continue to provide services throughout the various areas of Abu Dhabi,” he said.

Colonel Jassim Al Tunaiji, Director of the Medical Services Department at Abu Dhabi Police, explained that the staff members of the unit conducted oral and dental examinations to diagnose infections and to detect an early onset of gum tumors at the Al Bateen and Al Zaab majlis halls. The staff members additionally performed cleaning procuderes and dental fillings, provided medical advice, and distributed pamphlets about dental care.

“The staff of the Mobile Dental Care Unit implementing the outreach program conducted dental examinations and educated the public about oral hygiene, how to properly care for their teeth, and the importance of regularly visiting to the dentist in order to prevent cavities and gum diseases,” said Col. Jassim Al Tunaiji.

“The unit saves both time and money through the provision of dental examinations that are conveniently located and eliminate the need to travel long distances for a check-up,” he said. “The medical team onboard the mobile unit uses the latest medical equipment to provide the dental examinations to all members and segments of society regardless of age. They are available to answer any inquiries that the public may have in regards to dental and oral hygiene, and endeavor to identify each individual’s oral health status through the provision of medical dental screening programs and field medical services. If necessary, the team will refer some cases to hospitals.”

According to Col. Jassim Al Tunaiji, members of the public benefit from the advice given by the medical staff and from the fully-equipped unit that is capable of diagnosing dental diseases. “Through the wide participation of the public with the Mobile Dental Care Unit, a culture of dental care is growing,” he said; mentioning how the unit expands the scale of services provided by the Abu Dhabi Police. “The Mobile Dental Care Unit offers the capability to provide police services for community members, which includes medical services, both in public areas and residences.”
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