Brigadier Khalifa Al Khaiaili, Deputy Director of the Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Patrols Directorate, stressed the need to avoid driving vehicles without a license under any circumstances. He called upon families to contribute to the efforts exerted to prevent traffic accidents, by forbidding their children from driving vehicles illegally.

These remarks were made by Brigadier Al Khaiaili ahead of the 32nd GCC Traffic Week that is organized under the slogan “Your Choice Determines Your Destiny.” He stressed the need to abide by the traffic law and refrain from over speeding, and highlighted the importance of cooperation amongst community members to prevent accidents. He said: “The Traffic Week aims at enhancing existing awareness efforts; and represents an opportunity to remind people of the importance of observing traffic laws to preserve lives and properties.”

Brigadier Al Khaiaili noted that the directorate will be implementing a number of programs designed to promote communication channels and boost dialogue with the youth, one of the largest groups of traffic accident and violation perpetrators in Abu Dhabi last year. Such programs aim at improving the youth’s behavior through educational institutions and activating the family’s role in encouraging them to abide by traffic laws.

Brigadier Al Khaiaili added that the traffic safety plan established by the directorate aims at increasing the culture of traffic safety amongst young people. The plan will include lectures at the different universities and educational institutions, and awareness messages via social networking sites, to promote young drivers’ behavior, open dialogue channels with them, and encourage them to abide by traffic laws.

Brigadier Al Khaiaili called upon care givers and families to contribute efforts to curb such behaviors and prevent their children from driving vehicles without a license. He pointed out the danger of such behavior especially within residential neighborhoods and on internal roads; stressing that such actions will expose both the driver and vehicle owner to legal accountability.

In conclusion, he called upon all parties to interact with the awareness efforts carried out by Abu Dhabi Police, through the traffic awareness exhibition held at Yas Mall. The exhibition will highlight the latest achievements made by Abu Dhabi Police in the field of traffic safety, and the educational shows that target community members.

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