The Traffic and Patrols Directorate at Abu Dhabi Police Central Operations Department reinforced prevention and safety procedures during foggy conditions in order to preserve public safety. These procedures include increased monitoring and preventing trucks, heavy vehicles and workers’ buses from travelling on the road in foggy conditions before the fog clears.  The directorate has also called upon motorists to refrain from commuting on Abu Dhabi roads until visibility improves.

Brigadier Khalifa Mohamed Al Khaili, Deputy Director of the Traffic and Patrols Directorate at Abu Dhabi Police, said that the Directorate is also implementing an emergency plan during foggy conditions in collaboration with the departments of civil defense, ambulance and rescue services. It includes controlling the flow of traffic on site; promptly transferring the injured to hospitals; clearing damaged vehicles off of the road; and diverting traffic to other lanes in case of traffic accidents.

Brigadier Al Khaili called upon drivers travelling on external roads and highways, especially in the areas that have recently witnessed the formation of thick fog, (Abu Dhabi-Dubai Road, Al Ain-Abu Dhabi Road, Abu Dhabi- Al Ghuwaifat Road, Al Ain-Dubai Road) to remain cautious and reduce their vehicles’ speed; drive cautiously at a speed that is appropriate for the current circumstances; and using the low-lights of the vehicle.

Moreover, Brigadier Al Khaili revealed that the directorate is implementing a comprehensive awareness plan, which includes intensifying awareness messages that warn drivers, as well as deploying the ‘Education Patrols’, to enhance social interaction with the different age groups, especially the young, and providing advice to drivers on safe driving during foggy conditions to avoid traffic accidents and the resulting deaths and major injuries.

He called upon the media to spread the important life-saving awareness messages for drivers, as a part of the community partnership approach, to enhance level of road safety and avoid accidents. These messages provide a set of advice for motorists, such as the need to reduce speed while driving, leave a sufficient safe distance between vehicles, refrain from overtaking other vehicles in cases of low visibility, and make sure not to use hazard lights until they have come to a full stop, or to indicate a potential danger on the road. “In cases of dense fog and low visibility, motorists should park their cars on the right shoulder off of the road, and turn on the hazard lights to ensure their safety,” he added.

In conclusion, Brigadier Al Khaili warned company owners and drivers from operating trucks and heavy machinery on the road, and violating procedures during fog formation to avoid traffic fines. He also noted that the directorate undertakes the necessary measures that guarantee traffic safety in foggy conditions, when visibility drops to 50 meters or less, by stopping traffic flow completely, especially buses, trucks and any transport mean that may undermine road safety. He also stressed the need to exercise caution during foggy conditions.

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