To commemorate the Holy Month of Ramadan, the Tourism Police Sectionat Abu Dhabi Police hosted a collective Iftar banquet at Al Mudeef Center, affiliated with the Zayed Higher Organization for Humanitarian Care & Special Needs in Al Mafraq, Abu Dhabi.  

Lieutenant Colonel Muzeed Fahd Al Otaibi, Chief of the Tourism Police Section at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Abu Dhabi Police, said that the Iftar is a part of the “We won’t forget you” initiative, which aims to support and provide care for people with special needs, particularly children and the elderly; and to enhance communication with them.

Lieutenant Colonel Al Otaibi noted that as many as 45 individuals aged between four and 30 years attended the banquet, including four elderly people. He also indicated that this humanitarian gesture aims to revive the values of solidarity amongst community members during the Holy Month of Ramadan, and reflects the Abu Dhabi Police’s commitment to build on their societal responsibility and to reinforce partnership with all sectors of community.

Adding further, he said: “People with special needs enjoy the same rights as everyone else; and the Abu Dhabi Police are committed to supporting and advocating these rights as a part of their strategic priorities. This approach aims to reinforce community participation and involve people with special needs as productive community members, by providing them with the opportunity to express their talents and abilities, on par with their non-disabled peers.”

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