Within the ongoing framework to organize educational programs for all segments of society, the Social Support Centers Department at the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters organized a lecture at the Halima Al Sa'diah School regarding the impacts of relying on domestic help to raise children.

Aisha Nasr, a specialized psychologist from the Social Support Center in Abu Dhabi, held the lecture for both parents and educational institutions. In the lecture, she highlighted the mother’s essential role in a child’s upbringing in religious, social, and psychological aspects. As she discussed the reasoning behind a family’s decision to rely on domestic help, she also pointed out the detrimental effects that follow suit.

“Significantly relying on domestic help to raise a child negatively impedes the child’s linguistic development,” Aisha Nasr said; also noting how it affects their behaviors and actions alongside the customs and traditions of the family. “A mother’s duty is to her child. She should limit the role of the domestic help to aspects of household matters, and should not completely rely on the help to raise and care for her children.”

Concluding her lecture, the specialized psychologist urged parents to communicate with the Social Support Centers and the competent authorities. She said that they are there to help mothers through the provision of social and family counseling, and through the provision of educational guidance on how to handle and raise their children.

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