As a part of the UAE Innovation Week, the Ministry of Interior took part in an exhibition at the Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi, to showcase a myriad of its new innovative projects in various fields that benefit both police and security work.

Captain Salem Abdullah Al Nuaimi, Chief of the Creativity Development Section at the Ministry of Interior’s Creativity and Leadership Development Center, pointed out that the exhibition featured a wide variety of innovations submitted by police staff members so as to serve community members and contribute to the development of police work. The Exhibition also included brainstorming competitions for the public; gifts were distributed to the winners who submitted their proposals through the designated proposals portal on the Ministry of Interior's website.

As a part of its participation at the exhibition, the Directorate General of Central Operations at the Abu Dhabi Police showcased an innovative device that provides protection for children who are accidentally left behind in a hot car. The device includes an electronic chip embedded in the electronic vehicle control system, which connects to parents’ phone and sends an alert if they walk a certain distance away from the car with the child is still inside. The device starts operating as soon as the driver steps out of the car, by automatically pairing with the smart phone, sending parents a notification that their child is still in his or her seat. Should the driver fail to return, the device initiates second phase by automatically lowering the vehicle's rear windows to let in some air, then switches on the air conditioning. If the parent has still not returned after a few minutes, after he or she left the car - the device sets off a loud alarm after he or she left the car - the gadget sets off a loud alarm and the vehicle’s lights to alert passers-by, thus contributing to promptly saving the child.

The device has already received preliminary local and international patent approvals and has obtained several awards, notably from "Ideas UK" and "Ideas America". A developmental study is currently underway to install the device in school buses.
Also on display were the second and third generations of the Self-service E-payment Machine (Sahel), which provides several secure methods of payment via credit cards, cash payment as well as direct transfers from local banks accounts. The Sahel device provides services in four languages: Arabic, English, Urdu, and Malayalam. The newly released machine accepts and delivers paper money and coins. Users must log in his ID, fingerprint and PIN number. It also includes a data receiver and a smart phones NFC barcode reader.

The sophisticated Sahel devices provide the possibility to issue and renew vehicle registrations in a few minutes. The newly released devices provide several services. These services include issuance and renewal of driving licenses, in addition to the other Ministry of Interior's formalities, such as the criminal Status Certificates (Certificates of Good Conduct), issuance of round trip certificates for vehicles, the Markabati services to insure vehicles by requesting car insurance and paying the premium. The new device includes also a scanning feature for important documents required such as the ID card, or passport, and the video call feature that allows customers to communicate with the customer service center in case of emergency.

The Weapons and Explosives Department at Abu Dhabi Police participated in the exhibition with an eco-friendly electric vehicle -to support the explosives ordnance disposal team- which was designed abroad according to a local idea. The vehicle is designed to carry the bomb disposal expert’s equipment, the water cannon, the protective suit, the traction ropes and the explosives detection device, that are all used in the explosive ordnance disposal process. The vehicle was introduced three months ago at Abu Dhabi International Airport to be used in preventive and emergency situations.

The cart achieved significant success and demonstrated a high efficiency in practical exercises, in terms of speed and easy access to the incident site and narrow spaces. The department also showcased its patented wireless camera drone used for taking high definition photos and video material in high locations, up to 2000 meters. The drone can also be used to take images while carrying out search missions in open and mountainous areas. It features an accurate automated system, and was programmed not to approach critical facilities and to automatically return to the original launch site. It is wirelessly linked to a screen and a remote control for direct transmission to the Operations Room.

The Crime Scene Department at the Abu Dhabi Police also took part in the exhibition, and displayed a miniature crime scene. Experts from the department briefed attendees about the skills needed for collecting and preserving evidence to ensure their intact arrival to the specialized authorities, through using accurate tools, devices and equipment possessed by the department in addition to the examiner’s skills while focusing on the crime scene to show the hidden evidence.

For its part, the Fujairah Police General Headquarters took part in the exhibition by displaying its valuable “Makani” device or “my place”, which is a smart traffic panel designed to preserve the special parking slots meant only for disabled people and holding violators accountable. Five devices are already installed in Fujairah. The device generates an audio-visual alert that is sent to the car owner who is then given a 30 second “Alert time” to remove his or her vehicle from the special needs car park slot.

In case the driver does not remove his or her vehicle in the given time, the device immediately photographs the vehicle and issues a fine automatically. The ticket contains the information on the number plate, location of the device 
(Makani), time and date, in addition to the video footage and photo of the vehicle that is then sent to the traffic and patrols department to issue the fine automatically. The innovative idea of the device has won several awards.
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