During its second preparatory meeting, the Sports Activity Section, at the Directorate General of Strategy and Performance Development at the Ministry of Interior, discussed the championships’ program for the Abu Dhabi Emirate’s Security Zone for the 2016 sports season.

Colonel Mohammed Hamid bin Dalmouj Al Dhaheri, Strategy and Performance Development Director General at the Ministry of Interior, emphasized that organizing sports championships for the Abu Dhabi Emirate’s security zone reflects the commitment of the police leadership to encourage the MoI’s staff members to practice sports, and spread the spirit of competitiveness amongst them in the various sports and competitions. He also pointed out that sports competitions foster a spirit of cohesion and fellowship.

A total of 17 sports championships for the Security Zone were approved during the meeting, as a part of the upcoming 2016 sports season; 8 championships in Abu Dhabi, 5 in the western region, and 4 in Al Ain city.

The meeting also discussed the appropriate mechanisms to establish sports committees, the tasks entrusted to these committees, their work mechanism and the suggested sports within the Director Generals Shield Championships.

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