The Medical Services Department affiliated to the General Directorate of Finance and Services at the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters (GHQ), recently launched a medical awareness campaign for taxi drivers. The campaign, organized in cooperation with the Centre for Regulation of Transport, will continue throughout the year at the center’s building in Al Mussafah.

Colonel Jassim Al Tunaiji, Head of the Medical Services Department, said that the department provides services to all segments of society, including taxis drivers, who are an equally important segment of society that requires significant attention, and a healthy work environment. He pointed out that the Medical Services Department’s campaign aims to increase awareness and enhance health education in the community.

Captain Dr. Ali Omar Al Menhali, Health Education Branch Manager at the Medical Services Department, said that the year-long outreach campaign will comprise a host of medical awareness programs in several languages. He said: “The awareness programs will feature preliminary medical examinations and lectures to encourage smoking cessation and fight against drugs, promoting healthy eating habits, dental hygiene and mental health. They will also include workshops on infectious diseases prevention and proper sitting positions.

For his part, Mohammed Al Qamzi, Director of the Centre for Regulation of Transport by Hire Cars (TransAD), stressed the Department of Transport (DoT)’s keenness to spread  medical awareness and healthy behaviors among taxi drivers. “The UAE wise leadership attaches significant attention to provide their employees with their full rights. In keeping with this spirit, the Department of Transport has endeavored to organize continuous medical awareness workshops” he noted. He also praised the role of the Medical Services Department of Abu Dhabi Police in this respect.

Mohammed Al Hosani, Head of the Franchise and Licenses Department at the Centre for Regulation of Transport said that the center constantly checks on the health condition of drivers, and endeavors to provide them with a healthy work environment. In conclusion, he said: “The center has established a comprehensive medical awareness plan in coordination with the Medical Services Department, within a mechanism that ensures that all drivers have proper access to the right concepts.
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