The Khalifa Police Station at Abu Dhabi Police recently honored a Sudanese doctor in recognition of his efforts in finding two children of Arab nationality (3 and 5 years old), saving them from imminent danger and entrusting them to the police. Subsequent investigation into the case showed that both children sneaked out of their parents’ residence through a ground-level window.

Major Mohammed Ateeq Al Hassani, Director of the Khalifa Police Station at the Peripheral Regions Directorate, said: “Upon receiving the children, the Station made sure they were provided with the proper care and attention, then contacted the Federal Hotline Service (116111) for child protection to discuss their case.”

Major Al Hassani praised the cooperation of Dr. Yasser Ali Ahmed Suleiman (from Al Mafraq Hospital), who contributed to the safe return of both children to their family. He said: “Dr. Suleiman’s behavior is an example of good citizenship under the UAE society that enjoys safety and security, and embodies the Abu Dhabi Police’s mission aimed at achieving safety in society and enhancing public confidence in the police.”

Moreover, Major Al Hassani noted that the Khalifa Police Station endeavored return the children to their parents, even though they failed to provide the police with information due to their young age. “Lack of information about the children’s background and address prompted the police staff members to take the appropriate measures to locate their parents, by intensifying search patrols in the area of jurisdiction. The police’s efforts led within hours to locating the children’s residence, approximately 300 meters from the place where they were found wandering.”

Major Al Hassani explained that the father (a Moroccan national) was summoned to the station, where he pledged to ensure the security, safety, and care of his children, to abide by the necessary precautions to prevent them from sneaking out again, and to provide the appropriate conditions and environment to supervise them and protect them from harm; in order to avoid legal accountability or losing his children again.

Major Al Hassani stressed the Abu Dhabi Police’s keenness to protect children from abuse and neglect, in line with the MoI’s approach to protect children from dangers, violence, abuse or neglect; which may have a negative impact on their behavior.

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Interior has recently inaugurated the hotline service (116111) for child protection, so as to receive reports of child abuse cases. The call center is supervised by the MoI Child Protection Center, and is considered the first communication channel for society to report suspected cases of child abuse or neglect, in order to provide safety, security and protection for all children living in or visiting the U.A.E.

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