A specialized Abu Dhabi Police GHQ workshop entitled the “General Framework for Policy Development” was recently held at the Abu Dhabi Police Officers Club.

The workshop, organized by the Policies Section, discussed a myriad of topics related to policy development, which included: distinguishing between public and private polices; the role of the Policies Section at the Strategy and Performance Development Department; developing support mechanisms and consultation throughout the stages of policy preparation, documentation, and implementation.

During the workshop, Lieutenant Obaid Juma’a Al Dir’e, Head of the Policies Implementation and Follow-up Branch, provided a presentation on the history of the policies of the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ. In his presentation, he pointed out that the policies were standardized through similar processes that are comparable to the preparation and development methods of several countries, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and Singapore.

Lieutenant Al Dir’e additionally introduced the features of the current GHQ policies and briefed the participants on how to devise new evidence-based policies in accordance with the governmental requirements. “These steps are necessary to elevate the institutional work and to support the overall strategic development plan,” he said before introducing the general rules that aim to address the main difficulties and issues of policy development.

The workshop reviewed a number of models used in the development of policies, and concluded with practical training exercises for the participants to review the information covered during the workshop.
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