Abu Dhabi Police managed to arrest eight young people (two male college students and three females), in possession of 398 bags of ‘spice’, a synthetic drug.

Colonel Dr. Rashid Mohammad Borshid, Head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), warned against the risks of falling prey to spice abuse, which is far more devastating than other industrial or traditional drugs.

Colonel Borshid noted that the Abu Dhabi Police arrested the eight suspects aged between 21 and 28 years, in possession of more than AED 125,000 of drug money.  The suspects were referred along with the seized money to the competent authorities, for further investigation into the circumstances of the incident.

Adding further, Colonel Borshid said that upon questioning, the suspects confessed to being involved in selling the case and of distributing the roles among them to smuggle, promote and sell drugs in the UAE.

Elaborating on the details of the case, Colonel Sultan Suwayeh Al Darmaki, Head of the Anti-Drug Section at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), mentioned that the culprits were placed under surveillance and identified, based on confidential information received by the section about a criminal attempt to sell drugs to young people in the UAE society.

He said: “Police surveillance confirmed that some of the suspected group members were planning a meeting somewhere in Abu Dhabi. Following a concise legal procedure, a security team from the Anti-Narcotics section, including female officers, was assigned to track down the group, and its mastermind, to catch them red-handed.”  

Colonel Al Darmaki continued: “Despite the extreme caution of the suspects, the Anti-Narcotics team carried out a high quality professional operation and managed to arrest the suspects in a public place, in possession of the drugs that they intended to sell to young people.”

Upon questioning, the culprits, two college students (one GCC national and one Arab national), along with three girls of different nationalities in addition to 3 European visitors, confessed to smuggling, promoting, selling and buying the “Spice” synthetic drug, which was found in their possession concealed in bags of different sizes.

In conclusion, Colonel Al Darmaki emphasized the keenness of Abu Dhabi police to exert great efforts to eradicate the scourge of drugs, according to a strategic plan. The plan consists of rooting out criminal activities, including smuggling, possessing and promoting drugs, as well as dealing with cases of abuse, due to their  negative effects  on young people.
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