Abu Dhabi Police managed to arrest a salesman using his residential apartment as a warehouse to sell imitation designer handbags at cheap prices. Initial investigations revealed that the salesman receives customers in the apartment to sell the replica handbags and deceive consumers, especially women.

Lieutenant Colonel Taher Al Dhaheri, Chief of the Organized Crime Section at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), revealed that the section recently received notification about the suspicious activities. After validating the claims and proving commercial fraud, the Organized Crime Section at CID took legal action and raided the suspected residential apartment. The suspect, identified as A.M.S was arrested and questioned in connection with the seizure of the counterfeit goods.

Adding further, Lieutenant Colonel Al Dhaheri said: “The seized items included imitation designer handbags sold at AED 100 and 200 each. Tests conducted proved commercial fraud and showed that the handbags are counterfeit and packed with the logos of the original product.”

Lieutenant Colonel Al Dhaheri noted that upon questioning, the salesman confessed to commercial fraud to make illegal profit out of selling replica designer handbags.  “The salesman claimed that he bought the handbags 10 years ago, and he was unaware that he was selling counterfeit goods,” he added.

In conclusion, Lieutenant Colonel Al Dhaheri Chief of the Organized Crime Section at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), called upon consumers to buy from authorized agents and distributors to make sure they buy authentic products, and preserve their rights as consumers against commercial fraud. He also encouraged community members to communicate with competent authorities to know their rights as consumers, and receive awareness-raising brochures, so as to take part effectively in curbing commercial fraud.
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