Abu Dhabi Police managed to arrest 4 Filipino women, including 3 maids for stealing AED 2 million from the home of the maids’ sponsor in Abu Dhabi, while the family was travelling outside the country.

Colonel Ahmed Saif bin Zeitoun Al Muhairi, Acting Director of the Capital Police Directorate, stressed the Abu Dhabi Police’s keenness to raise community members’ awareness about potential crimes committed by domestic workers, which often occur because of overconfidence by families. He called upon home owners and families to secure their money and valuable possessions and deposit them in safe places such as banks, especially when traveling.
Elaborating on the details of the incident, Colonel Al Muhairi said: “The theft took place while the family was travelling outside the country for 3 weeks. One of the maids, (the main suspect) planned to steal the money with the help of the two other maids who worked in the same house. A fourth maid was involved in the theft, and provided help from outside the home.”

He pointed out that the crime was discovered after the family returned from their travel, to find that an amount of AED 2,600,000 was missing. He said: “The family quickly informed Al Khalidiya Police Station about the incident. A search and investigation team was dispatched to the scene, where efforts and intensive investigations resulted in arresting the four thieves”.

Moreover, Colonel Al Muhairi noted that home thefts usually occur during the summer holiday period, when families usually travel outside the country. “This allows immoral individuals to plan for thefts,” he said. He also stressed the need to take caution, secure homes, and close the doors well before leaving, in addition to securing money and property from sudden thefts.

The Acting Director of the Capital Police Directorate also stressed the ADP’s keenness to instill tranquility and safety among the public and maintain the safety of their properties through awareness and precautionary measures in the framework of integrated police and security system.

For his part, Lt. Colonel Muslim Mohammed Al Ameri, Head of the Khalidiya Police Station at the Capital Police Directorate, said: “The family informed us about the theft. Following extensive search and investigation, suspicion was narrowed down to the housemaid (main suspect), when it came to our knowledge that she knows where the safe key is kept. Further inquiries led to her accomplices, who work worked in the same house, in addition to a third friend from outside the home.” He pointed out that the three suspects were arrested and interrogated then referred to the public prosecution for the appropriate legal actions.

Lt. Colonel Al Ameri also called upon families and individuals, not to leave their savings and money, especially big amounts in their homes. He advised them to deposit them in banks and to use surveillance cameras and alarms, as well as to lock doors and windows tightly. He also highlighted the importance of reporting any illegal violations that might occur without hesitation, as it contributes to arresting suspects and criminals promptly.

In conclusion,  Lt. Colonel Al Ameri noted that the police entities endeavor diligently to provide maximum levels of security and safety to residents and their property, according to strategy of the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ, which has pledged to fulfill several priorities, namely to prevent and reduce crime; in order to enhance the security of society and its members.
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