The Knowledge Center at the Strategy and Performance Development Department at Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters announced the Knowledge Forums program plan during 2016. The inaugural forum for 2016 will be held on January 19 and will discuss the British experience in the field of ports and borders’ security.

Major General Dr. Nasser Lakhrebani Al Nuaimi, Secretary General of the Office of HH Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, asserted the importance of organizing knowledge forums periodically, due  to their instrumental role in spreading the culture of knowledge across all police sectors. He said: “These forums also aim to transform practical and scientific realities through the implementation of best practices. They present an excellent opportunity to discuss and review distinguished experiences, and to exchange and develop knowledge.”

Major General Dr. Al Nuaimi also stressed the importance of forums knowledge in reviewing global experiences with a view to avail of these experiences to upgrade police and security work in a constantly changing world. He explained that a set of topics has been chosen and will be discussed and addressed by the Knowledge Forums held by the center throughout the New Year. These topics include issues related to the naturalization, residency and ports by reviewing the American experience in addressing the risks of violators.

Adding further, he said: “The forums will also examine the British experience in planning and managing practical scenarios, in order to leverage these scenarios by involving relevant government entities.  Other topics will discuss the delivery of smart e-services, to keep pace with the government’s aspirations to transform into smart government; the benefits of accumulated global experiences in hosting the Expo 2020, and the government’s plan to attain a 7-star rating across all service delivery channels, as well as other vital topics that serve police work and society.”

For his part, Major Khaled Hussein Al Khoury, Director of the Knowledge Center, noted that the inaugural Knowledge Forum that was launched in 2014 was the platform to a series of Knowledge Forums, aimed at examining and evaluating global experiences in order to implement them and make them relevant locally in police and security work. He said: “The early forums have tackled many major issues of concern to communities and public opinion around the world, notably the discriminatory use of force by a certain country. This experience was instrumental in establishing the appropriate mechanisms for the use of force in police and security work in a way that would guarantee human rights and maintain the rule of law. Other forums addressed the proper ways to maintain information confidentiality via sophisticated methods and standards; the recommendations issued by another forum were used to examine amendments to organizational structures.”

Major Al Khoury noted that the Strategy and Performance Development Department at Abu Dhabi Police organized 25 Knowledge Forum as of 2014. “The forums are still ongoing and have gathered an elite group of international experts and specialists to date. These forums tackled important police, security and societal issues and experiences and came up with relevant recommendations; some of which have already been implemented in police work; other recommendations are still under consideration,” he continued.

Major Al Khoury highlighted also the most prominent topics tackled in previous forums, notably the benefits of institutional policies and general policies on upgrading police work; the benefits of the investigation into the Malaysian plane crash on the implementation of the crises and disasters management policy; and the decision-making system in crisis situations in the United Kingdom. Other topics include ‘the Leading Role of Women in the Police Force and the Overall System of Security at the Ministry of Interior’;  ‘the optimal use of modern technologies and state-of-the-art systems to improve police operations, in light of the implementation of ICT policies’;  as well as the appropriate ways and techniques to protect children from online sexual abuse.

He pointed out that the Knowledge Forums have issued an important set of recommendations, notably the need to strengthen the technical abilities of police staff members in order to boost their skills in the fight against organized crime; the need to establish local, regional and global partnerships with police entities to enhance cooperation in the fight against organized crime; and the need to build, empower and invest in accumulated experiences to nurture a  generation of highly experienced police staff members to curb and prevent crime. Other recommendations include the need to provide policing solutions to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and performance of local and European police leaders; through using common databases that ensure the universality of access, analysis and exchange of security information at the regional level; the need to improve the leading role of women in police and security work; and the need for international solidarity and coordination to fight online child sexual abuse and exploitation.
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