The Directorate General of Guards and Special Tasks at Abu Dhabi Police organized a workshop under the theme ‘Analysis of Internal and External Environments of Business” for staff members at the Abu Dhabi Police Officers Club.

In his speech at the opening ceremony, Brigadier Mubarak Abdullah Al Muhairi, Director General of Guards and Special Tasks, reiterated the commitment of the higher leadership to nurture highly qualified police staff and to enhance their efficiency and performance. “We are at this point in time when we need to review and upgrade our strategic plans to cope with the rapid regional and international developments,” he noted.

“This workshop provides an opportunity to develop effective communication channels and strengthen relations between staff members at the various departments. It also provides a chance for us to collect ideas and suggestions regarding developmental projects, policies, organizational structure, and work plans,” he added. He also expressed his hope for the workshop to achieve the desired outcomes and lead to a qualitative improvement of police work.

The workshop focused on introducing the SWOT Analysis, the structured planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats that is used by government and private institutions to identify the key factors seen as important to achieving an objective in their work environment, (internal analysis – the strengths and weaknesses internal to the organization); and (external analysis – the opportunities and threats presented by the environment external to the organization).

Additionally, the workshop tackled strategic issues that enable the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters to set forth proactive scenarios and plans; cooperate with competent authorities; enhance communications with customers; and leverage the expertise and practices adopted in developed countries. The workshop also discussed topics related to partners, services, operations, technology, and human resources.

The workshop witnessed significant response from participants, especially in the practical exercises segment. Towards the end of the workshop, attendees reviewed a set of suggestions and ideas to support the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters’ strategic plan, based on the discussions conducted during internal and external analysis.

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