The Abu Dhabi Police organized five training courses aimed at increasing the efficiency of staff members. As many as 92 trainees from the Ports and Airports Security Department and the Abu Dhabi Airport Customs took part in the 5 courses that were held at the Ports Security Institute. The courses included the ‘Handling Exceptional Situations in Aviation Security’ in cooperation with the German Embassy in the UAE; ‘Airports Security’; ‘Reporting Methods at the Operations Room’; ‘Computer-based Training’;  and an English language course.

In his speech at the graduation ceremony, Colonel Abdullah Saeed Hattab Al Dhaheri, Acting Head of Ports and Airports Security Department, stressed the importance of boosting performance efficiency of employees and keeping pace with police work developments. He urged graduates to avail of the knowledge and skills they gained through the courses and to implement them in their professional life. 

For his part, Lieutenant Colonel Matar Ahmed Al Muhairi, Director of the Ports Security Institute, emphasized the Institute’s commitment to train police staff members according to Abu Dhabi Police’s strategy and methodology, which stipulates the need to improve the competencies of staff members and enhance their professionalism according to the best developed practices and modern applications.

Lieutenant Colonel Al Muhairi added that the training system is witnessing significant developments in all fields both regionally and internationally. He noted that the graduates have received scientific and practical training in the related fields, which would contribute to enhance their professional skills and ultimately reflect on the development of services provided to the public.

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