Abu Dhabi Police honored 15 staff members for submitting creative proposals in the field of human resources. A brainstorming session was also held to promote creative and innovative ideas amongst Human Resources staff members at the Abu Dhabi Police, as a part of the UAE Innovation Week activities.

During the honoring ceremony, Brigadier Obeid Salem Al Ketbi, Director General of Human Resources at Abu Dhabi Police, stressed the keenness of the Abu Dhabi Police to develop staff members’ creative and innovative talents, as well as to encourage and engage them, and build their abilities according to innovative criteria. “The Abu Dhabi Police are also keen to promote creativity and innovation tools, to become an inherent lifestyle that contributes to upgrade police work,” he noted.

Adding further, Brigadier Al Ketbi said: “Creativity and innovation are the key pillars of institutional work development. To this end, the Directorate General of Human Resources at Abu Dhabi Police is keen to instill and encourage those features in staff members, out of its firm belief in the importance of the suggestions submitted by creative employees; to boost competency, productivity and efficiency. It also seeks to adopt their suggestions and innovations across all occupational levels in a way that would develop human resources.”

Brigadier Al Ketbi noted that honoring creative staff members and organizing brainstorming sessions to discuss creative and innovative contributions, come in response to the directives of the UAE government. These approaches also receive an unrelenting support and follow up from Lt. General HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, who is keen to instill the culture of creativity in employees, adopt creative and innovative suggestions and turn them into leading projects applied across all service sectors. “This would help to further drive progress and leadership, and position the UAE among the best countries in the world,” he said.

Following the honoring ceremony, a brainstorming session was held, and was attended by Brigadier Al Ketbi, alongside the honorees and the creativity and innovation team at the Directorate General of Human Resources at Abu Dhabi Police. The attendees discussed the aspects of creative thinking, and the fundamental basis to encourage creativity and innovation, according to the best international practices. Such measures would enhance staff members’ awareness about the concepts of creativity and innovation, and provide them with the proper tools to create a stimulating and sustainable environment based on creative and innovative ideas and outcomes.

The attendees also reviewed the vital benefits of realizing and implementing creative and innovative suggestions, to promote further development and progress in police work. They also discussed the most prominent challenges and creative tools, ideas and solutions, how they are made and integrated into the productivity process, as well as the means to achieve optimal benefit. Furthermore, the attendees discussed the means of improving and enhancing work processes and further promoting the culture of creativity and innovation.

The brainstorming session was attended by Brigadier Butti Al Shamesi, Head of the Training Department at Abu Dhabi Police and a number of officers and staff members at the Directorate General of Human Resources at Abu Dhabi Police. Also attending was Major Mohamed Al Bloushi, Chief of the Work Incentives Section at the Employee Performance Appraisal Department, Member of the Creativity and Innovation team at the Directorate General of Human Resources at Abu Dhabi Police.

Major Al Bloushi said that holding such brainstorming sessions, comes in line with the strategy of the UAE Government, which has declared 2015 as the year of innovation and creativity. It also embodies the vision of the higher leadership, in proactively launching the concepts of creativity and innovation to create a new generation of young national staff and promising leaders.

In conclusion, Major Al Bloushi stressed the importance of organizing creativity and innovation forums, as a pillar to achieve excellence and consolidate the concept and practices of work quality. He also noted the importance of the support initiatives and success factors utilized by the Abu Dhabi Police to encourage a creative work environment and provide the staff with the opportunity to promote creative work and assume the responsibilities of police work.
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