The Training Department at Abu Dhabi Police organized a specialized course to boost staff members’ skills and acquaint them with the data analysis and compilation methods.  13 staff members from Abu Dhabi Police enrolled in the course, which was held in coordination with the Embassy of South Korea in the UAE.

The course aimed at providing participants with the technical skills required for basic criminal investigations, in addition to the methods of compiling and analyzing data and information from the source. The course falls in line with Abu Dhabi Police’s strategic plan, designed to refine staff members’ skills and develop their field training knowledge. It is also consistent with Abu Dhabi Police’s keenness to adopt and implement the best techniques to fight crime and enhance security and safety of society.

The graduation ceremony was held at the Hilton Abu Dhabi Hotel on the Corniche, and was attended by Lieutenant Colonel Saleh Saeed Al Amoudi, International Cooperation Branch Manager at the Training Department, and a number of trainers from the South Korea Police.

Staff members from the Abu Dhabi Police’s Capital Police Directorate; the Diwan; Security Information, Personnel Affairs, Ports and Airports Security, Criminal Investigation and Forensic Evidence Departments benefitted from the course.

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