An Asian thief was charred to death after being electrocuted while trying to steal electric cables (connections) from one of the rooms used to supply electric energy in Abu Dhabi.

Major General Omair Al Muhairi, Director General of Police Operations at Abu Dhabi Police said that Al Shabia Police Station recently received a notification about a person who was “electrocuted” inside an electrical room that is surrounded by a gate and an iron fence. “After arriving to the scene, the notification was found to be true and the Asian’s body was found surrounded by the cables that he intended to steal,” he said.

He added that initial investigation indicated that the deceased was trying to steal electrical wiring, after removing the iron door lock at night in his attempt to cut the cables with tools that were found in his possession. He said that the body was electrocuted by a high voltage and the man died on the spot.

Adding further, Major General Al Muhairi said:” The investigations showed that the deceased, identified as (S. B. Sh.”, 33 years old), is a Pakistani national and used to work in a construction company.” He pointed out that tools used to remove the doors and locks were found next to the body, in addition to other tools usually used in similar theft attempts to cut electrical cables. Concluding, he noted that investigations are still underway to reveal the circumstances and causes of the incident.

Major General Omair advised individuals with similar evil intentions to refrain from such negative behaviors, abide by good morals and stay away from criminal actions that usually result in painful consequences.
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