The Community Police Station at the Tourist Club Area, affiliated to the Community Police Department of the Directorate General of Community Protection and Crime Prevention of crime, at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, organized a total of 47 various outreach campaigns for residents of the area since 2013 up until October this year. Moreover, community-related and police reports amounted to 18,447 reports since 2013 up until September of this year. The station also held 158 different events since 2012 up until October this year, with the collaboration of 26 partners from the various departments, institutions, schools and businesses.

Solving Problems and Studying Negative Phenomena

Colonel Mubarak Bin Muhairom, Director General of the Community Protection and Crime Prevention at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, said that setting up community police stations in residential neighborhoods has been a successful initiative aimed at serving the residents. “These stations fall in line with the Abu Dhabi Police’s vision and objectives to ensure that the Emirate of Abu Dhabi remains a community that enjoys security and safety,” he added. Moreover, Colonel Bin Muhairom pointed out that the first community police station was established in the Tourist Club Area. The station began experimental work in 2012 with a team of 22 members to cover the area of jurisdiction. The station was officially inaugurated in 2013.

Adding further, the Director General of the Community Protection and Crime Prevention Department said: “12 years after the establishment of the Community Police in Abu Dhabi and following the diligent work to spread this concept, the presence and role of the community police has become increasingly important in providing social awareness, solving problems, examining negative phenomena or behaviors, and coordinating with the competent authorities to solve and handle  these issues in order to achieve the coveted goals.” Colonel Bin Muhairom continued: “Community work is closely related to police work, because it involves interaction and communication with community members and institutions in order to brainstorm ideas that cater to the needs of society and solve its problems. This kind of approach provides us with the opportunity to develop better performance indicators that can serve policing work and enable us to set forth the appropriate plans and programs, so as to provide efficient, positive and preemptive preventive solutions to protect society.”

Humanitarian and Social Role

For his part, Major Bahyan Al Ameri, Chief of the Community Police Affairs Section at Abu Dhabi Police, explained that establishing the station at the Tourist Club area aims at bridging the distance between police stations and members of society. “Located at the heart of the bustling area, the station plays an instrumental role in allowing direct and effortless communication and interaction between police staff members and the public,” he said. Moreover, he added that establishing a police station within the Tourist Club area contributes to providing security, safety and tranquility for community members, thanks to the permanent presence of foot patrols.

Major Al Ameri noted that the Community Police Station provides an opportunity to solve service-related issues by scientifically analyzing them, highlighting them, and communicating with the competent authorities such as governmental institutions or specialized police stations to solve these issues at the soonest. The station also helps to identify abandoned residences. Work is currently underway to issue an extensive study on the risks of such residences; the necessary results and recommendations will be submitted to the concerned authorities to undertake the necessary action.

Major Al Ameri said that the Community Police Station plays a significant humanitarian and social role. “In case of family disputes or conflicts between individuals, the Community Police’s intervention aims to calm the quarrelling parties, reduce stress, before referring them to the social support centers and concerned authorities that provide the appropriate social and psychological counseling to help solve these issues with high discretion. Minor disputes are usually solved amicably to avoid filing reports at police stations.

Friendly Relation with the Residents of the Area

For his part, First Lieutenant Mubarak Al Rashidi, Director of the Community Police Station at the Tourist Club area said that awareness-raising, educational, policing and social work are the key aspects of the station’s strategy and work; in addition to its main role, which aims to communicate with residents of the area. The station also distributes educational brochures with advice on how to preserve private property; issue a certificate of good conduct; and spread the law respect culture. The brochures also provide tourists and foreigners with important information and phone numbers in various languages; including the locations of banks, hotels, money exchange centers, tunnels, expats facilities, police stations, civil defense, and other facilities in the neighborhood.

First Lieutenant Al Rashidi noted that the station’s work is based on positive communication with residents of the area, and establishing friendly relations with them, in order to make community police staff members the friendly face that residents see on a daily basis. “This approach is based on the philosophical characteristics of community policing; through which police officers are expected to initiate frequent personal contacts with community members on their beats, and to interact in an attentive, friendly, and compassionate manner, to assess their needs and the most pressing issues that need to be solved,” he concluded.

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