The Directorate General of Central Operations at Abu Dhabi Police celebrated the graduation of 46 officers from the various police directorates and departments and departments at the Ministry of Interior after completing two specialized courses in the field of crises and disasters, and security incidents’ management.

Brigadier Eng. Hussein Ahmed Al Harithi, Director General of Central Operations at Abu Dhabi Police, assured that such training courses are the main pillar that contributes to develop the system of police work, and boost performance, efficiency and production to empower any institution to attain leadership. This is achieved through continuous training, to boost performance, refine training skills, and instill these distinguished components and fundamentals in police staff members.

Brigadier Eng. Al Harithi also stressed the importance of nurturing qualified security personnel who are confident in their abilities, in order to keep abreast of potential incidents and anticipate developments. He explained that the first development plans were intended to benefit from the expertise and capabilities of trainers by collecting ideas and establishing development proposals. He said: “A work team was formed in order to increase academic and behavioral capacities and skills within the training system, to ensure that the training outcomes would achieve the coveted goals.”

For his part, Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Nasser Al Kendi, Head of the Crisis and Disasters Department at the Directorate General of Central Operations of the Abu Dhabi Police, explained that these courses aim at developing leaders’ skills with the aim of encouraging creativity and excellence in the different tasks amongst the Ministry of Interior’s staff members. “This is one of the main priorities established by the police leadership, consistent with the strategic goals of Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, in support of continuous development,” he added.

Furthermore, Lieutenant Colonel Al Kendi explained that the key objective of the security incidents’ management course (gold- silver- bronze models) is to provide understanding of the security incidents’ components and enhance ways to manage these components by controlling the incident; as well as to manage the communication and coordination process between the various response entities.

Lieutenant Colonel Raid Ali Al Muhairi, Director of the Victim Affairs Office, noted that such courses focus on the importance of the disaster victims and mass casualties’ identification mechanism in order to acquire, implement and develop the best expertise to enhance security and safety of the community. He also pointed to the mission of the Victims Affairs’ Office to deliver an important national message, focused on providing high quality services, using modern techniques and mechanisms according to the best advanced international standards.

Upon the conclusion of the ceremony, Brigadier Eng. Al Harithi distributed certificates to participants, wishing them further luck and success. He also called upon them to make additional efforts and to stand out at their work in the service of both the country and society.

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