A total of 400 staff members at the Ministry of Interior benefited from the “Social Media Use Policy” workshop, organized by the Permanent Higher Commission for Security Media. The workshop aims at shedding the light on the safe and professional rules and guidelines of media work, to enhance communication channels with the public.

The workshop, which was recently held at the Federal Police School Headquarters/ Sharjah, was attended by Brigadier Ahmed Abdullah Al Hajri, Director of the Federal Police School / Sharjah; Colonel Dr. Jassim Mohammed Al Bakr, Acting Director of the Federal Police School; along with a number of senior officers, employees at the Federal Police School and staff members enrolled in specialized courses, in addition to 111 recruits at the ministry.

Lieutenant Ahmed Al Dahmani, from the Security Media Department and member of the Permanent Higher Commission for Security Media at the Ministry of Interior gave a lecture during the workshop. In his address to participants, he highlighted the proper procedures to use social media platforms as an interactive and ideal tool for communication between users and the targeted groups. He also gave an overview of the responsibilities of the MoI’s social media users.  

Moreover, Lieutenant Al Dahmani tackled the means to harness the applicable set of rules and regulations related to social media use, and restrictions in media work through the various experiences of the Permanent Higher Commission for Security Media’s methodology. “As a part of this methodology, the Committee seeks to keep abreast of the latest developments and sets forth the appropriate ideas and proposals for the benefit of community members, as well as to boost their trust and satisfaction with the MoI performance and police services,” he said.

Lieutenant Al Dahmani also provided an overview of the social media use policy for staff members working at the Ministry of Interior’s different sectors. He highlighted the professional media rules that govern the way by which the Ministry deals with the various media, in addition to the responsibilities of individuals in charge of the Ministry’s social media accounts. He noted that communicating and interacting with the public through social media platforms has become a necessity and a massive part of daily life. “Social networking is an important component of the work methodology, aimed at providing the best services,” he added.   

In conclusion, Lieutenant Al Dahmani explained that the MoI endeavors to make good use of the various media tools, which represent an important part of the MoI’s media strategy, an added value to work, and an efficient performance indicator for security work. “This would contribute to building an innovative vision for institutional development,” he noted. He also reiterated the ministry’s keenness and attention to avail of social media tools and platforms as efficient channels aimed at spreading awareness and education, improving performance and raising the level of interaction, as well as being the basis for strengthening partnership with the public.

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