The nationwide statistics released by the General Directorate of Traffic Coordination at the Ministry of Interior have revealed that four people have died and 39 people were injured as a result of traffic accidents during the Eid Al Fitr holiday. The injuries included in the statistics ranged between mild to severe.

On a national level, the detailed statistics showed that a total of 23 accidents occurred during the time period of 16 to 19 July, 2015.

Brigadier Ghaith Hassan Al Zaabi, director general of Traffic Coordination at the Ministry of Interior, said that the failure to abide by the rules and regulations of traffic led to the occurrence of accidents that subsequently marred the joyful occasion of Eid. “In a bid to reduce such incidents, the Traffic and Patrols departments nationwide are keen to redouble their efforts and to increase the control and surveillance operations on the road. The departments will intensify traffic outreach programs and promote awareness about the dangers of traffic accidents in addition to the useful methods for avoiding and preventing accidents,” he said.

Brig. Al Zaabi stressed the importance of complying with traffic guidelines and instructions, of driving carefully, and of leaving a sufficient and safe distance between vehicles. He spoke of the need to avoid obstructing traffic by parking haphazardly; not to inappropriately park in spaces dedicated for those with disabilities; and to not impede the work of emergency personnel by parking in spaces allocated for emergency, ambulance, and Civil Defense vehicles.

The director general of Traffic Coordination reiterated the necessity of fully complying with the laws, rules, and regulations of traffic. He urged for motorists to observe the legal speed limits on roads, to spare themselves and others from the risk of traffic accidents and the casualties and losses that subsequently result.  He also warned against using mobile phones while driving, whether to talk or text; stressing that such actions distract the driver and increases reaction times, which leads to accidents.
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