The Abu Dhabi Police (ADP) celebrated the graduation of 33 staff members who completed the two specialized courses, notably the ‘Selection and Preparation for Shooting Trainers’ and ‘’First Aid. The courses were organized by the Training Department in the framework of international cooperation, in coordination with the French Embassy in the UAE.

The two courses aimed at developing the capabilities of the Abu Dhabi Police staff members, improving their skills and enhancing their training knowledge. They also come in line with the strategic plan designed to achieve the vision and goal of sustainable security and safety in the UAE, by keeping pace with the latest developments and modern security science to enhance police performance.

The graduation ceremony, which was held at the Directorate General of Guards and Special Tasks, was attended by Lt. Colonel Sultan Al Naseri, Chief of the Government Premises Protection Section at the Government and Diplomatic Premises Protection Department; Major Faisal Ali Al Kathiri, Chief of the Training Section at the Special Tasks Department; and First Lieutenant Mohammad Ghareeb Al Hammadi, Curricula and Courses Branch Manager at the Training Section of the Special Tasks Department, as well as a representative from the French embassy in the UAE  and a number of French trainers.

The Selection and Preparation for Shooting Trainers course was attended by nine staff members from the Special Tasks and Government and Diplomatic Premises Protection Departments at Abu Dhabi Police (ADP). The course provided participants with the appropriate skills to prepare shooting trainer and manage the shooting range.

As many as 24 staff members from a number of departments at Abu Dhabi Police (ADP) enrolled in the First Aid course, which provided participants with the skills to administer first aid in case of injury during security intervention operations.
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