The Abu Dhabi Police graduated 15 participants from the Command, Control, and Coordination Course. The eight-day course was organized by the Training Department within the framework of international cooperation; and was organized in collaboration with the Australian Embassy in the UAE.

The objectives of the course were to provide participants with the technical capabilities and police empowerment skills in command, control, and coordination through the provision of virtual incidents for participants to experience. The course falls within the framework of the strategic plan of the Abu Dhabi Police that aims to refine the members’ skills and develop their knowledge in training fields. The course also corresponds with the Abu Dhabi Police’s commitment to keep pace with and develop the best technologies to fight crime and foster the safety and security in society.

The graduation ceremony was recently held at the Fairmont Bab Al Bahr Hotel in Abu Dhabi; and was attended by Lieutenant Colonel Saleh Al Amoudi, International Cooperation Branch Manager at the Training Department alongside a number of Abu Dhabi Police officers. The ceremony was also attended by Chancellor Kim Dunham Deputy Australian Ambassador to the UAE alongside a number of trainers from the Australian federal police.

The participants who benefited from the course consisted of a number of Abu Dhabi Police officers working in the Traffic and Patrol Directorate as well as in other departments including Ports and Airports Security, Special Tasks, Emergency and Public Safety, and Crime Scene.

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