Within the framework of international cooperation, the Training Department at the Abu Dhabi Police (ADP) organized the “Civil Unit Movement in Police Uniform to Counter Violence” training course in coordination with the French Embassy in the UAE. Fifteen members of the Special Tasks Department of the ADP have recently graduated from the specialized course.

Throughout the course, the graduates earned excellent marks when assessing their competencies and in the ability to acquire a number of skills to empower police; to develop their skills and abilities; to perform modern tactical movements; and to combat violent incidents in various scenarios while dressed in full uniform. 

The course aimed to provide graduates with the tactical skills of advancing and forming support and block lineups alongside light intervention movement techniques while dressed in full military uniform. Additionally, the course included techniques for movement in danger zones alongside techniques in organized policing in civilian clothes.

The course comes as per the strategic plan of Abu Dhabi Police, which aims to refine the skills of the police officers; and to develop their knowledge in training fields. The course also reflects the keenness of the ADP to keep pace of the best technologies in combating crime, and in strengthening the safety and security of the community.

The graduation was attended by: Colonel Matar Musbah Al Dhaheri, Acting Head of the Special Tasks Department; Major Faisal Ali Al Kathiri, Chief of the Training Section at the Special Tasks Department; chiefs of sections and branch managers in the Special Tasks Department, Lieutenant John Noel, Military Attaché in the French Embassy in the UAE, and a number of French trainers.

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