An estimated 11,185 people have benefited from the traffic awareness programs provided by the Traffic and Patrols Directorate at the Abu Dhabi Police during the first quarter of this year. These programs are part of the traffic awareness plan targeting students in military colleges, universities, the Higher Colleges of Technology, institutes, as well as public and private schools across all academic levels, in addition to Emirates Transport bus drivers and supervisors and a number of government departments, institutions and authorities in Al Ain.

Captain Hamdan Hassan bin Thiban, Public Relations Branch Manager at the Al Ain Traffic Section explained that the Highways Section, the Traffic Institute, and the Public Relations Section took part in implementing the traffic awareness programs in Al Ain. The programs focused on reducing mistakes made by some drivers, reducing traffic accidents and their resulting deaths and severe injuries as well as spreading the culture of traffic safety.

Moreover, he pointed out that the awareness programs highlighted the common causes of traffic accidents and traffic violations committed by drivers, in order to encourage the public to increase commitment to traffic laws, as a part of the efforts exerted within the framework of the Abu Dhabi Police Traffic Safety strategy to prevent the causes of road accidents. He also noted that the programs included awareness videos and graphics, in addition to distribution of traffic brochures, to provide motorists with awareness tips and guidance.

Furthermore, he urged drivers commuting on the roads in Al Ain to observe speed limits and adhere to the designated speed limits on the internal and external roads in order to avoid speed-related traffic accidents that lead to deaths and serious injuries.

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