The self-service e-payment machine (Sahel) at the Vehicles and Drivers Licensing Department, General Directorate of Central Operation, Abu Dhabi Police, have completed 106,898 transactions to vehicle owners during the first five months of 2014. Each transaction was easily completed in less than three minutes. 

Colonel Suhail Saeed Al Khaili, Chief of the Vehicles Licensing, Abu Dhabi Police, said: “The machine allows citizens and residents to complete the procedures of renewing their vehicle registrations, pay fines and issue a replacement for lost or damaged registration cards. Services are provided easily to our customers through the website and the self-service e-payment machines that save time and effort.”

“Service indications are improving thanks to the e-transactions and Sahel machines, in addition to expanding our service centers to cover all areas across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. We have also built partnerships with the private sector, while communicating with our customers using the ‘Open Door’ approach via the customer service center that solves their problems directly, in cooperation with 25 entities, eliminating the need to send the customer to each entity. The center also answers their questions regarding the required documents and procedures via a toll free and on the complaints and suggestions page on the website of the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ.” He added.

Explaining how Sahel works, Al Khaili said: “Customers can obtain these services by inserting the ID card in the machine to identify the customer, open his/her traffic file and display a list of the vehicles registered under his/her name. The customer chooses the vehicle and starts the process. The customer can only use these services after inspecting the technical condition of the vehicle, its status, the existence of an insurance policy, and the absence of any traffic violations. The machine will generate the new registration card, along with a receipt for the sum paid and the renewal sticker.”

Al Khaili continued: “The service is equipped with sophisticated and secure electronic features designed to protect users’ data.  It provides several secure methods of payment that allow customers to pay fines via credit cards; as well as to inquire about the Vehicles and Drivers Licensing Department’s various transactions. The service is easy to use and provides all information related to registered vehicles, while completing the transaction quickly, saving time and effort.”

Al Khaili reiterated that the Sahel service is user-friendly, thanks to the touch-sensitive screens and user menus at the machine locations. He explained that the system provides a complete set of electronic services that allows customers to renew their vehicles’ registration, pay fines, issue replacements for lost or damaged registration cards, and inquire about the procedures for vehicles and drivers licensing services. “Through the machines, people can obtain the addresses and telephone numbers of police stations in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, file complaints, or submit suggestions. The machines also offer interactive maps, names and pharmacy rotation schedule, and weather forecast,” he said.

The self-service machines offer general information about the services provided to the public, and the requirements for obtaining these services, by inserting the traffic code, and then selecting the violation fees that need to be paid. The customer inserts his/her credit card, receives a receipt for the sum paid, pulls his card out and exits.

The steps of obtaining the services require the customers to insert their ID card into the machine, choose the specific vehicle and make sure that all the terms for completing the transaction are available, including valid insurance, a technical inspection, vehicle records, and violation checks. The customer can then insert their credit card and obtain their receipt for the sum paid, the registration sticker, and the registration card.

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