The Abu Dhabi Police Operations Room received 1,748,438 phone calls on the emergency number 999 in the emirate of Abu Dhabi during the first half of this year. Of these calls, there were 514,236 notifications, out of which 171,328 traffic reports and 185,341 criminal notifications. The customer satisfaction rate stood at 98.88%, an increase from the 97.4% reached in the first quarter of this year due to the standards of excellence specified by procedures of the detection, monitoring, and analysis guide for monitoring the Operations Room employees' performance rate.

Lt. Colonel Nasser Suleiman Al Maskari, Head of the Operations Department at the General Directorate of Central Operations, noted that the Operations Room received in the aforementioned period 98 reports from people with special needs. He referred to the text message service for people with special needs on 5999 to report any accident or medical condition. The text message should include the type of report as well as location and the type of injury. "The report is received through a special program, which is equipped with a database that includes all categories of people with special needs who are registered with the Zayed Higher Organization for Humanitarian Care and Special Needs. The Operations Room then classifies the report according to its type; whether it is criminal or traffic related. It then sends a patrol to the location of the incident and takes the necessary procedures," he continued.

He called upon the public to not hesitate contacting the operations room when coming across any emergency or to ask for help.

Lt. Colonel Al Maskari stressed that the utmost keenness of Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters in developing and providing most modern equipment and advanced techniques, has contributed to facilitate police procedures and services to keep pace with the geographic expansion, the increase in security tasks, and the need to preserve security and stability.

Adding further, he explained: "The duties Operations Room’s role is to ensure security response by receiving phone calls on the emergency number, and dispatching relevant patrols to accident sites. The Operations Room is also responsible for managing other security authorities in the event of crises and accidents. This is done in coordination with the traffic patrols, ambulance and rescue teams; the air wing aircrafts, the Community Police, the rapid intervention teams, Saaed Patrols, the Civil Defense Department, the Crime Scene Department and others."

He also noted that this efficient methodology has helped to increase the performance levels, through the quick response to phone calls, good management of accidents and notifications, and dispatching relevant police entities.

Lt. Colonel Al Maskari stressed the significant role of the excellence laboratory in improving performance at the Operations Room. The laboratory has organized 82 workshops in the past six months, which were attended by 735 staff members. The workshops tackled means to demonstrate creativity and excellence in the workplace, time management, and other important topics that serve the efforts to develop work.
It is worth mentioning that the Operations Room had recently launched a social initiative. This initiative recognizes the social responsibility of people who contact the Operations Room on 999 to report emergency situations that are classified as very serious, and whose efforts have contributed to the speed of responses and timely intervention at the time of accidents.

The initiative coincided with the different vacations and official events taking place in the country. It seeks to identify and honor the collaborators and informants on the key important cases that occur from July 20th until after Eid El Fitr.

First Lieutenant Fahed Al Dahmani, Secretary of the Office of the Head of Operations Department and supervisor of the initiative, said that the social initiative aims to encourage the public to report any emergency situations that and incidents requiring immediate response. Such emergencies may be of traffic, criminal or medical nature; or any situations that fall within the Civil Defense forces’ jurisdiction across the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

He added: "The selected candidates can choose the convenient place, time and date to be honored in person; in front of their families at home or in front of their colleagues at work." He also noted that candidates are determined by a performance-based analysis on certain criteria within the police model that has been set for this objective.

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