The Police Education Section at the Law Respect Culture Bureau, the General Directorate of Community Protection and Crime Prevention at the Ministry of Interior organized a legal education lecture that was attended by 76 participants from the Special Security Forces General Headquarters in Al Fujairah.

The lecture focused on enhancing police staff members’ legal education. It also aims at encouraging them to reinforce their legal capacities on the practical level, in order to acquire the necessary skills to help them fulfill their professional duties. It also aims to acquaint police staff members with the various legal aspects that regulate police officers’ work.

As such , The Law Respect Culture Bureau organized a lecture titled ‘The Optimal Use of Social Media’ that was attended by 30 employees from the Zayed House for Islamic Culture (ZHIC) in Abu Dhabi.

Legal researcher Milan Sharif, from the Law Respect Culture Bureau, tackled the legal precautions on the web and social media. In her lecture, she highlighted some of aspects of the Law to Combat Cyber Crimes, privacy violation on social media, as well as women and electronic violence.

Sharif also explained the optimal use of technology tools on social media, stressing the need to ensure the accuracy and validity of news before posting, to avoid spreading rumors and to respect individuals’ privacy, and the reputation of governmental institutions in the country. In conclusion, she gave an overview of the Emirati law and the different penalties incurred by individuals who commit electronic crimes, such as defamation, threat, extortion, and spreading rumors.

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