The Ministry of Interior’s Council, hosted in Bakhit Suwaidan Al Nuaimi’s house in Al Ain, stressed the need to pay attention to children’s behaviors associated with the use of modern technology, especially social media. This is to spare them the risks of it affecting their culture and dealings when used improperly, and to avoid them sitting for long periods in front of the hardware, which poses a threat to their health and affects the development of their personality.

The council, one of those organized by the Law Respect Culture Bureau in cooperation with the Security Media Department at the Security Support Directorate General at the General Secretariat of His Highness Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior, was led by the media figure Rashid Al Kharji. The council discussed the role of parents in preventing children’s delinquency, how they should communicate with their children, and how it is their educational responsibility to control their children’s behavior.
The council strongly recommended that parents follow up on their children’s use of social media and increase the hours of communicating with them. The council also recommended to foster the children’s spirit of positive citizenship, promote their culture heritage, remind them of their customs and traditions, and to get closer to them and solve their problems.

Colonel Dr. Jasim Khalil Mirza, Director of Security Awareness at Dubai Police, stressed the need for parents’ keenness to raise their children, especially in light of the tremendous development in all fields, notably in the development of the Internet and social media. “The world has become a small and open village, and the responsibility of educational challenges rests with the parents,” he added.

For his part, Captain Ahmed Al Afrit from the Child Protection Center touched on the idea of the establishment of the center, its care for children, and how to protect them, either through the hotline or through the site. He pointed out that the ministry is looking forward to further cooperation with different sectors of society to protect children from harm.

Lieutenant Colonel Issa Khalfan Al Shamesi from the Social Support Centers Department talked about the role of centers in the resolution of family disputes within the family before transferring them to police stations, pointing to the presence of social workers, who are specialists in the field of family dispute settlement.

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