900 workers in Al Ain have benefitted from the legal awareness lectures provided by the Law Respect Culture Bureau at  the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior (MoI). The lectures were organized in collaboration with the Guidance Department at the Ministry of Labor (MoL), within the framework of its comprehensive educational program for 2016.

Lieutenant Khaled Saif Bu Dhufaira from the Law Respect Culture Bureau delivered two separate lectures on workers’ legal rights and duties. He explained that the laws and legislation in the UAE have regulated all legal rights and duties of individuals in order to ensure a safe and stable life. The law protects the workers’ rights on one hand, and on the other hand imposes a set of duties that all parties must adhere to within the framework of the law.

He also stressed that the Law Respect Culture Bureau is committed to continuing efforts to educate workers about various legal issues. It educates them about the actions they might take due to the lack of their knowledge about law provisions, and actions to take should they fall victim to someone who exploits them.

He pointed to the ongoing mutual coordination and cooperation with the MoL as it is the competent governmental authority. This has fostered the efforts of the Law Respect Culture Bureau in raising workers’ awareness and educating them about everyday matters. This aims to raise their awareness and knowledge about UAE laws.

After that, he addressed the legal position regarding actions and behaviors punishable by law. He called upon all workers to avoid such actions in order to avoid the legal consequences of crimes such as fraud, theft, or drug-related crimes like unintentional possession, dealing, trafficking, importing, or exporting drugs, among other cases.

The Law Respect Culture Bureau also organized a set of lectures for the MoI members. 300 members benefitted from these lectures, which were held at 11 police stations and 6 branches in the Al Ain Police Directorate.

Captain Issa Mohammed Al Bloushi, Chief of the Police Education Section at the Law Respect Culture Bureau, explained that the awareness lectures and workshops of the bureau focus on the importance of fostering the law respect culture. This aims to promote the police members’ positive ethical and professional behavior and practices. It also aims to introduce all legal aspects that organize the work of the police members by identifying their legal and professional rights and duties on all levels.

He noted that the law respect culture has become a civilized concept, and all law officers must understand its meanings and implications. They must also believe in the importance of implementing it at the personal and professional levels. He also noted that including the subject of law respect within the rehabilitation and upgrade programs reflects the commitment of the ministry to educate its members. It also increases their legal awareness by providing them with the correct foundation of legal culture. This is based on the fact that the law applies to all members as it is implemented on others; which is a key component of social stability and development.
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