Candidates enrolled in the “Customer Service Excellence Diploma” program from the various local and federal departments, reviewed the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA)’s experience and executive mechanisms in customer service.

The delegation was briefed on a set of practical techniques in customer service, including how to receive and welcome customers, the mechanisms of serving them in record time and receiving their comments and suggestions. The candidates also learnt about the methods of providing the service “Online” and through the DEWA centers, so as to provide the finest services through smart phones application, as well as the stages of developing work at DEWA and customer services in general.

Omar Bin Sahoo, Customer Relations Specialist at DEWA, gave a a detailed explanation about the international best practices adopted by the Authority in the area of customer service. He also highlighted the various services provided by the Authority to its customers as per the highest standards of excellence, efficiency, reliability, environment and quality.

Furthermore, Bin Sahoo tackled the initiatives launched by DEWA, namely the “Ashal”, “Ashar”, and Istarih initiatives, as well as the initiative of linking solar energy in homes and buildings; and smart applications through counters and intelligent networks; infrastructure and electric vehicles charging stations.

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