Priorities and Objectives

ADP 1: Combating Crime

  1. Crime detection.

  2. Crime prevention.                

  3. Optimal use of Intelligence.                

  4. Optimal use of forensic evidences.


ADP 2: Making roads safer.                 

  1. Implementing traffic safety regulations.

  2. Increasing traffic awareness.

ADP 3: Community confidence.             

  1. Increasing community satisfaction and confidence.

  2. Customer service quality and professionalism.

ADP 4: Safety and Security.

  1. Preparedness.

  2. Effective response.

  3. Protection.

ADP 5: A policing organization that is managed efficiently and effectively.               

  1. Investment in information and knowledge.

  2. Effective management of operations. 

  3. Developing effective partnerships. 

  4. Governance.

  5. Effective financial management.

  6. Supporting and fostering creativity and innovation.

ADP 6: Optimal use of human resources.

  1. Meeting the needs of the Abu Dhabi Police and providing appropriately qualified personnel.

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