Priorities and Objectives

Controlling Crime

  • Reduce the Overall Crime Rate
  • Reduce the Serious Crime Rate

Making the most of our human resources through the implementation of the best international practices.

• Ensure Abu Dhabi Police has an appropriately skilled and experienced workforce
• Reduce accidents and ensure Abu Dhabi Police complies with health and safety regulations
• Maximisehuman resources available for front line, service delivery policing activities

Increasing community confidence in Police & Public Safety Services.

• Achieving public satisfaction with Abu Dhabi Police

• Achieving stakeholder satisfaction with Abu Dhabi Police

Maintaining the safety and security of Abu Dhabi

• Ensuring that Abu Dhabi continues to be seen as a safe place to live, work and visit
• Minimising the number of unplanned public safety incidents
• Ensuring Abu Dhabi Police is prepared for any potential serious incident

Making the roads safer

• Reducing the number and impact of road traffic collisions

• Ensuring that road users understand their role in making roads safer

• Working with key partners to identify and implement ways of making roads safer

Providing all Policing operations with functional support

• Information Technology
• Finance
• Asset Management
• Privatisation
• Estate management
• Forensic Services