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Sunday, 10 May, 2009

Abu Dhabi Police Medical Services organize awareness campaign against Swine Flu

  •  Sunday :10/5/2009 :


    Abu Dhabi Police Medical Services
    organize awareness campaign against Swine Flu



    Brigadier Salim Saleh Al Jineibi, Director of Medical Services at Abu Dhabi Police said that the Department launched an awareness campaign covering all visitors and staff of Police Clinics against Swine Flu. This campaign is part of ADP strategy in cooperation with other authorities concerned to ensure the safety of all UAE nationals and residents. It is also part of the government efforts contain the disease and not allowing its spread in the country.


    The campaign comprises an introductory bulletin in Arabic and English to be distributed to all ADP departments, patients and visitors. The bulletin explains the symptoms of the disease which are temperature, bones and joints pain, sneezing, coughing and running nose.  


    According to Dr. Shihata Al Khuli, Health Educational Unit Officer, Member of the National Committee for Swine Flu prevention that UAE is clear of the disease as there are swine farms in the country and that precautionary measures are well observed at all country ports and airports. Patients of this disease can be treated by (Tamiflu) tablets which are prescribed for Bird Flu patients. But the medicine should be taken within 48 hours from the beginning of the symptoms of the disease. These tablets are not used as protection against the disease, as there is no effective vaccine against the disease yet.


    According to Dr. Al Khuli to protect your self do not mix with swine or sick people, avoid the crowds and do not travel to the countries of the disease. One must wash his hands several times a day to avoid contaminated items.

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