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Tuesday, 11 January, 2011

Saif bin Zayed honors excellence teams in the Ministry of Interior

  • Tuesday: 11 January 2011:


    Saif bin Zayed honors excellence teams in the Ministry of Interior


    Lieutenant-General Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minster of Interior attended on Tuesday afternoon the honoring ceremony of the work team of the Sheikh Khalifa Award for Government Excellence where the Ministry took the lion’s share harvesting 13 awards and medals out of 23.

    He emphasized that “UAE police has a great challenge, today, to prove that police work is a real twin for civilization, creativity and excellence, and not merely confined to keeping order and maintaining security. This is the same vision which was established by President His Highness, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may Allah protect him, and his brother His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashed Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.

    “A year after a year and the more achievements are made, the more responsibilities and challenges are faced. The bet is that we should maintain what has been achieved, and continue enduring the burdens of these responsibilities and overcome these challenges, HH said, adding that it is important to remember that our efficiency as an organization lies on the confidence people put on us, and without such confidence, any efforts would be of no value. People, in the end, judge everything.

    H.H Sheikh Saif considered that the successful leader does not become happy nor sad before big events no matter what they are. “We should not think silently or work away from the team. “Goals can not be achieved by one player alone, and their echo can not be heard without people’s applause”, he added.

    He concluded that history will remind us of what we have achieved, not of what we have wished or dreamt. Let us work together sincerely and devotedly as much as we can to make the country and its people’s interest above every consideration. “Even if we erred, we will find somebody who will find excuses for us”, HH said. He urged all winners to continue efforts to handle the burdens of the future, and achieve the most possible quality and excellence in order to improve the services the Ministry is providing to the members of the public.           

    Attended the honoring ceremony were Lt. Gen Saif Abdullah Al Shaafar, undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, Lt. Col. Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, Commander General of Dubai Police, Major Gen (S) Obeid Al Hiri Al Kutbi, Deputy Commander General of Abu Dhabi Police, Major Gen. Nasser Salem Lekhrebani Al Nuaimi, Secretary General of the Office of HH Deputy Prime Minister and Minster of Interior, Hessa bu Humaid, Director of the Sheikh Khalifa Award for Government Excellence at the Cabinet Office.

    The ceremony was also attended by ADP assistants undersecretary and directors-general and a number of senior officers in the Ministry of Interior.

     The ceremony has commenced with recitations of holy Quran, then Major. Gen. Dr. Abdulqudoos Abdul Razzaq Al Obaidly delivered the excellence speech where he expressed deep thanks and sincere appreciation to Lt. General HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan Deputy Prime Minister and Minster of Interior for his patronage of the ceremony and his continued support to the excellence teams in the Ministry of Interior.

    He said the success archived by the Ministry did not happen accidentally, however it happened as a result of the visionary guidance of HH the Minister to implement the criteria of government excellence and as a result of his support to the aspects of modernization and development.

    “This achievement will burden the Ministry of Interior with more works that keep up with the community development”, he confirmed.

    HH the Minster of Interior watched a documentary on the United Arab Emirates, showing the past and the present of the UAE until the foundation of the Federation. The present in which great achievement have been made under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, may Allah protect him.        

    At the end of the ceremony, Lt. General Al Shaafar, handed over the “Excellence Pledge” to Lt. General HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minster of Interior. The pledge states that leaders shall be committed to continue the journey of excellence in the Ministry of Interior. 

    The Ministry of Interior got awards and medals in the following areas:

    It won awards in various categories including federal distinguished authority “ministries of more than 900 employees, and the federal distinguished ministry of excellence in areas of leadership, strategy, operations and government communication. It also won the award of the distinguished working team, the Prime Minster’s Medal in supervision, technical, technological and engineering fields. It also won the Prime Minster’s Medal in areas of specialized jobs, administration and operational work, as well as in areas of new distinguished employees and also won the federal ministry in creativity.

    In the last years, the Ministry of Interior adopted several scientific and international criteria and methodologies which have led to this unparalleled success. The Ministry, having thoroughly studied the outcomes of analyzing the internal and external settings, considered the trends of the federal government, reviewed the international experiences, and developed the organizational structures, managed to develop the organizational vision, message, and values as from  2005-2010.

    The Strategy of the Ministry of Interior received all forms of support and follow up from police higher leadership. As a result the Ministry was able to build modern security organization that works in accordance with scientific criteria.

    In few years it became one the most powerful organizations in combating and detecting crimes. It has recently faced a lot of security challenges, but it could efficiently and professionally address these threats adopting advanced methods, which was greatly appreciated by the international community. Both locals and expatriates enjoyed security and stability, based on the fact that these two elements are essential for achieving development and comprehensive development in the country.

    In its journey of government excellence to win the awards, the Ministry of Interior, adopted a bunch of criteria, as follows:

     1.     leadership:

    The Ministry, having thoroughly studied the outcomes of analyzing the internal and external settings, considered the trends of the federal government, reviewed the international experiences, and developed the organizational structures, managed to develop the organizational vision, message, and values and release the seven-point plan between 2005-2010.

     2.     policy and strategy

    The Ministry of Interior approved deep understanding of the governmental work environment to achieve the country’s strategy, in integration with the ministries, authorities, and government institutions. It also set a strategic goal to manage the relationship with the government sector and all partners.
    3.     human resources

    The plans of human resources have been an important part in the Ministry’s policy and strategy. These plans are linked with strategic goals which are to promote the quality of human resources and make optimal use of them and prepare distinguished leaders. The total percentage of local employees in the Ministry of Interior reached 89.5% by the end of the last year.

     4.     partnership and resources

    The Ministry of Interior took on a clear methodology to manage partners, through defining the relationship with them. The electronic passport and unified database are among other significant projects.

     5.     Operations

    The Ministry of Interior had developed the comprehensive methodology to manage  operations, in as much as it fulfills the requirements of policy and strategy approved for the period from 2005-2010. This includes mechanisms and procedures for defining and designing the main operations, and measuring their results. All these operations are documented according to the SOPS model.

     6.     Results of stakeholders

    Percentage of stakeholders’ satisfaction reached 86.7% in the last year compared with 81.1 in 2008 and 77.7 during 2007.

     7.     Results of human resources

    There is a general satisfaction from all the employees of all Ministry’s departments. In 2009 the percentage of satisfaction was 92.7% in comparison with 83.5% in 2008 and 70.2% in 2007.

     8.     Results of the community

    The Ministry is very keen to serve the community and its issues. Therefore, it conducts surveys on annual basis since 2007. The ministry also provides and releases the community-related information on various media. It is greatly involved in the social, sport, and cultural activities, and supports charitable projects such as Al Faraj Fund, which is dedicated to the services of inmates and their families.

     9.     Results of organizational performance 

    The Ministry did extremely well in regards to rationalization of expenditure and keeping to the budget. It has also achieved success in areas of preserving security and safety, crime prevention and early detection, fire control, maintaining foreigners entry and residency law in addition to traffic related issues.

    The honored included the following:

    First category of honored who obtained the medal of (leader) in recognition of their efforts in supporting the journey of excellence and implementing the strategic plans of various sectors of the Ministry. They are: Lt. Col. Saif Abdullah Al Shaafar, Lt. Col. Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, Major Gen. (s) Obeid Al Hiri Salim Al Kutbi, Major Gen. Nasser Lekhrebani Al Nuaimi, and Major Gen. (s) Khalifa Harib Al Kheli, Major Gen. Rashed Thani Al Matroushi, Maj. Gen. Nasser Al Awadhi Al Menhali, Major. Gen. Sheikh Talib bin Saqer Al Qassimi, Major. Gen. Humaid Mohammed Al Hadidi, Major Gen. Khalil Dawood Badran, Major Gen. Mohammed Al Awadhi Al Menhali, Major. Gen. Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi, Major Gen. Abdulqudoos Al Obaidly, Brig. Al Abdullah Olwan, Brig. Mohammed bin Ghanem Al Kaabi. Col. Sheikh Rashed Ahmed Al Mualla, and Colonel, Mohammed Dalmouj Al Dhaheri.

    Second category of honored who obtained the medal of professional excellence in recognition of their major and efficient role in the Sheikh Khalifa Program for Excellence in Government Performance included: Major. Gen. Matar Salem Al Niyadi, Brig. Hamad Adeel Al Shamesi, Brig. Saeed Al Hanki, Brig. Ghaith Al Zaabi, Brig. Ali bin Darweesh, Col. Abdullah Ali Al Hosani, Col. Mohammed Rashed Bayyat. Col. Hussein Ali Al Ghazal, Col. Obeid Hilal Al Darmaki, Col. Abdullah Ahmed bin Jumaa, Col. Aziz Hmoud Ameri, Col. Faisal Sultan Al Shuaibi, Lt. Col. Fahd Sultan Al Mutawwa, Lt. Col. Dr. Ahmed Ali Al Khuzaimi, Lt. Col. Khalid Ali Shehail. Lt. Col Hamad Abdul Rahman Al Nuaimi, Major Mohammed Abdullah Al Mualla, Major. Mansour Al Gargawi, Major. Abdul Raman Ali Al Mansouri, Cap. Mohammed Ismaeel Al Harmoudi, Cap. Jamal Salim Al Khateri, Cap. Ali Ghaem Al Taweel. Cap. Abdul Raman Ahmed Qassim, 1st Lt. Maryam Ahmed Al Mandoos, 1st Lt. Saleh Ahmed Abu Baker, Lt. Hassan Babiker Ahmed Mohammed, Lt. Mohammed Salman Al Hanie.

    Third category of honored who obtained the medal of appreciation for officers (first class), and the medal of appreciation for non -commissioned officers, police personnel and civilian-status staff, in recognition for their role in the Sheikh Khalifa Program for Excellence in Government Performance included: Major Gen. Khamis Al Mezainah, Major. Gen. Khamis Saif bin Swuaif, Major Gen. Abdul Jaleel Mahdi Mohammed, Brig. Ali Khalfan Al Dhaheri, Brig. Ahmed Nukhaira Al Moharrami, Brig. Abdullah Khamis Al Hadidi, Brig. Mohammed Saleh Baddah, Brig. Ahmed Abdullah Al Hajeri, Brig. Jamal Ahmed Abdullah, Brig. Ahmed Hassan Al Awadhi, Brig. Abdullah Mubarak Al Dukhan, Brig. Mohammed Khalifa Al Marar, Brig. Mansour Ahmed Al Dhaheri, Col. Ahmed Abdul Aziz Al Shamesi, Col. Mohammed Abdullah Al Zaabi, Col. Ibrahim bin Abdullah Al Mualla, Col. Mohammed Eid Al Mazloum, Col. Saleh Qambar Al Ansari, Col. Salem Ahmed Al Mazrouei, Col. Salem Abdul Raman Yousif, Col. Obeid Musabbah Al Gharbi, Col. Yousif Ahmed Al Zaabi, Col. Abdullah Al Shehhi, Col. Mohammed Saeed Al Hameedi, Col. Mohammed Nayie Al Tunaiji, Col. Sultan Yousif Al Nuaimi, Col. Matar Hmaid Al Shamesi, Col. Salem Al Maqrab, Col. Mohammed A Hareeni, Col. Mohammed bin Ghabish, Col. Adel Abdul Rahman Al Hammadi, Col. Dr. Yousif Al Hameedi, Col. Dr. Jassem Al Baker, Col. Mohammed Obeid Al Dhaheri, Col. Mahmoud Ismaeel, Col. Hussein Al Awadhi, Col. Ahmed Al Hantoubi, Col. Ahmed Al Qemzi, Col. Ahmed Al Rumaithi, Col. Dr. Ali Salem Al Tunaiji, Col. Abdulmalik Mohammed Abdul Raheem, Col. Mohammed Ali Al Marzouqi, Col. Ali Khamis Al Houli, Col. Saif Ali Al Kutbi, Col. Khalid Saeed Al Kutbi, Col. Dr. Fawaz Khalil Badran, Col. Saud Musabbah Al Saidi, Col. Abdullah Rashed Al Omran, Lt. Col. Ali Saeed Al Zyoudi, Lt. Col. Hassan Rashed Al Shamesi, Lt. Col. Yaqoub Al Layla, Lt. Col. Majed Al Suwaidi, Lt. Col. Khalifa Al Zaabi, Lt. Col. Mohammed Saeed Al Bayraq. Lt. Col, Jassem Hassan Al Kharaz, Lt. Col. Jassem Al Madhrab, Lt. Col. Masoud Ghanem, Lt. Col. Ali Saif Al Abri, Lt. Col. Abdul Rahman Al Awais, Lt. Col. (s) Sheikh Nasser bin Rashed Al Mualla, Lt. Col Dr. Khalifa Kalander, Lt. Col. Pilot Ali Hassan Qahtani, Lt. Col Khalifa Matar Al Hameri, Lt. Col Jumaa Ali Hamad, Lt. Col. Khamis Salem Bu Haroun, Lt. Col. Ahmed Mohammed Jumaa, Lt. Col. Tariq Mohammed bin Saif, Lt. Col. Abdullah Ahmed Al Hamrani, Lt. Col. Mohammed Ali Al Shehhi, Lt. Col. Abdullah Rashed Al Zaabi, Lt. Col. Humaid Matar Al Ali, Lt. Col. Abdullah Ibrahim Nassar, Lt. Col. Nasser Abdul Aziz Manqoush, Lt. Col. Saleh Al Ghoul, Lt. Col. Ali Mohammed Al Qarsi, Lt. Col. Ali Obeid Al Shamesi, Lt. Col. Jamal Matar Taryam, Lt. Col. Obeid Rashed Al Zaabi, Lt. Col. Adel Saeed Al Naqbi, Lt. Col. Saeed Ali Olwan, Lt. Col. Ahmed Saeed Al Mansouri, Lt. Col. Khalid Yousif bin Hedhaiba, Lt. Col. Ahmed bin Rashed Al Mualla, Lt. Col. Omer Mohammed Al Khayyal, Lt. Col. Mohammed Al Takawi, Lt. Col. Shuaib Abdullah Kajour, Lt. Col. Ali Al Mahboubi, Lt. Col. Saif Hassan Obeid, Lt. Col. Pilot. Saeed Ghareeb Al Mazrouei, Lt. Col. Khalid Ahmed bu Hindi, Lt. Col. Dr. Jassem Rashed Al Antali, Lt. Col. Dr. Sarhan Hassan Al Muaini, Lt. Col. Dr. Salem Abdullah Al Habsi, Lt. Col. Dr. Khalid Hamad Al Hammadi, Lt. Col. Mohamed Abdullah Al Obad, Lt. Col. Khalid Ghanem Al Kawwari, Lt. Col. Aref Khalifa Ghareeb, Lt. Col. Sultan Ali Al Darmaki, Lt. Col. Abdul Aziz Abdullah Ahmed, Lt. Col. Mohammed Othman Saad Allah, Lt. Col. Abdullah Abdul Rahman Sultan, Lt. Col. Khalifa Ali Al Niyadi, Lt. Col. Mohammed Hmoud Al Nabhani, Lt. Col. Nasser Khadem Al Kaabi, Lt. Col. Saeed Matar Al Seraidi, Lt. Col. Khalid Nasser Al Taie, Lt. Col. Yaqoub Yousif Al Manaie, Lt. Col. Matar Ali Kharbash, Lt. Col. Musabbah Obaid Al Rashedi, Lt. Col. Mubarak Saeed Al Kaleeli, Major. Abdul Aziz Al Shehhi, Major.Ameena Bakheet Al Shouq, Major. Rashed Mohamed Kahboush, Major. Abdul Rahman Al Hammadi, Major. Naji Mohammed Rajab Al Hammadi, Major. Ali Hussein Al Habsi, Major. Abdullah Rashed Al Mazrouei, Major. Yassir Ali Al Ali, Major. Tariq Abdullah Ahmed, Major. Omran Hamad Al Hameli, Major. Saeed Obeid Sultan, Jassem Munakhas, Major. Sultan Rashed Al Shamesi, Major. Majid Abdul Aziz Eissa, Major. Ibrahim Mohammed Matar, Major. Mohammed Salem Al Bawwab, Major. Abdul Wahhab Sultan Al Zaabi, Major. Ali Saif Ali Eissa, Major. Tarek Mohammed bin Rabiaa, Major. Majid Ahmed Al Har, Major. Pilot Salem bin Youkha, Major. Salah Al Kharji, Major. Ai Abdullah Al Redami, Major. Abdullah Hamad Al Shamesi, Major. Obeid Ali bin Fadhel, Major. Omar Khalfan Al Shambali, Major. Rashed Salem Al Zaabi, Major. Mohammed Saeed Al Shehhi, Major. Khalid Saeed Abu Zanjal, Major. Mohammed Obied Yousif, Major. Tarek Mohammed Al Kharraz, Major. Ghanem Mohammed Shaheen, Major. Mohammed Khamis Al Saraeedi, Major. Mohammed Salem Al Taha, Major. Omar Mohammed Al Ali, Major. Nasser Mohammed Al Baker, Major. Marwan Abdullah Mohammed, Major. Majid Mohammed Al Sawalih, Major. Mohammed Salmeen Al Iryani, Major. Ali Saeed Al Shehhi, Major. Bader Salih Al Marzouqi, Major. Saeed Khalifa Rashed, Major. Talal Rashid Al Kharji, Major. Khalid Mohammed Al Shamesi, Major. Mohammed Abdul Rahman Al Ahmed, Major. Saeed Mohammed Al Hassani, Major. Khalid Rabee Al Hmoudi, Major. Mohammed Saeed Al Hamour, Major. Sultan Ali Al Muhairi, Major. Khalid Ahmed Al Shamesi, Major. Mohammed Majid Al Shaqoush, Major. Marwan Saleh bu Afraa, Major. Jumaa Ali Al Ghawi, Major. Ali Mohammed Salim, Major. Nasser Mohammed Al Tallay, Major. Rashed Humaid Al Mazrouei, Major. Obied Salem Al Kutbi, Major. Mohammed Obied Al Yaqeeb, Major. Khalifa Yousif Al Dalli, Major. Saeed Abdullah bin Tewair, Major. Mohammed Humaid Saqer, Major. Hamad Ibrahim Al Muhairbi, Major. Khawla Obeid Salem, Major. Mohammed Jaber Saif, Major. Musabbah Rashed Al Kaabi, Major. Khalid Mohammed Al Hammadi, Major. Ahmed Saleh Al Qutba, Major. Abdullah Mohamed Al Hassani, Major. Saeed Obeid Al Shamesi, Major. Hamad Suhail Al Ameri, Major. Hmoud Saeed Al Ofari, Major. Saeed Mohamed Al Qimzi, Major. Ahmed Shilewih Al Ameri, Major. Sultan Saeed Al Kheli, Major. Mohammed Saeed Al Ghafeli, Major. Yassir Mohammed Al Wahhabi, Major Mohammed Saeed Al Miqbali, Major. Ahmed Ali Al Ali, Major. Mohammed Abdulkarim Al Ameeri, Major. Mohammed Abdullah Al Kutbi, Major. Mohammed Jumaa Fayroz, Major. Khalid Humaid Al Ghawi, Major. Faisal Abdullah Al Mulla, Major. Khalifa Ali Saeed, Major, Ahmed Saeed Yarouf, Major. Ahmed Hamza Ramadan, Capt. Saqer Ibarhim Mohammed, Capt. Dr. Khafan Khamis Al Razzi, Capt. Abdullah Hassan Al Khazeemi, Capt. Humoud Hassan Al Shehhi, Capt. Mohammed Obeid Al Yammahi, Capt. Eissa Rashed Al Abdouli, Capt. Ghareeb Mahdi Al Ahbabi, Capt. Obeid Muftah Al Khateri, Capt. Saeed Obeid Al Yamm, Capt. Abdul Aziz Awadh Al Katheeri, Capt. Dr. Zubaidah Jassem Mohammed, Capt. Adel Mohammed Al Shehhi, Capt. Mohammed Abdullah Al Zoyoudi, Capt. Salem Abdullah Al Kaabi, Capt.Mohammed Abdullah bin Hussein, Capt. Mohammed Nasser bu Osaiba, Capt. Shehab Ahmed Mohammed, Capt. Saeed Salem Al Kutbi, Capt. Nasser Saleem Al Ameri, Capt. Fahd Ismaeel Al Hosani, Capt. Saeed Ali Al Shehhi, Capt. Abdul Rahman Yousif Murad, Capt. Mohammed Jaber Al Shamesi, Capt. Abdul Rahman Abdullah Humaid, Capt. Abdullah Ahmed Baddah, Capt. Mohammed Rashed Al Zyoudi, Abdullah Ahmed Al Sharhan, Capt. Abdullah Ali Olwan, Capt. Khalid Al Zyoudi, Capt. Matar Ateeq Al Qubaisi, Capt. Ali Mohammed Al Hameli, Capt. Faisal Rashed Al Shamesi, Capt. Badr Ali Bu Samrah, Capt. Eissa Obeid Ali, Capt. Mohammed Buti Obeid, Capt. Jassem Mallalah Al Lughani, Capt. Mohammed Abdullah Al Naqbi, Capt. Masoud Mohammed Rasheed, Capt. Khalid Mohammed Al Kay, Capt. Hamdan Rashed Al Tunaiji, Capt. Abdullah Mohammed Ali, Capt. Talal Hassan bin Heb, Capt. Rashid Abdullah Al Dosari, Capt. Burgan Ahmed Abdullah, Capt. Mohammed Obeid Al Hafeeti, Capt. Khalid Hussein Khori, Capt. Mohammed Obeid Al Falahi, Capt. Jumaa Khalifa Al Darmaki, Capt. Abdullah Salem Al Muhairi, Capt. Yousif Mohammed Al Muhairi, Capt. Ahmed Rashed Al Shamesi, Capt. Nehal Abdul Rahman Abdul Ghafour, Capt. Thani Mohammed Al Hajeri, Capt. Hebat Allah Basyoni, Capt. Hani Ahmed Al Naqbi, Capt. Adel Ali Abdul Rahman, Capt. Ali Mohammed Al Ghafeli, Capt. Saeed Mohammed Al Ameri, Capt. Adel Rashid Al Dhanhani, Capt. Sultan Al Kutbi, Capt. Khalifa Al Kutbi, Capt. 1st Lt. Faisal Abdullah bin Lela, 1st Lt. Mohammed Abdullah Al Shehhi, 1st Lt. Musaad Naji Shabana, 1st Lt. Aref Saleh Karwa, 1st Lt. Meshaal Saleem Al Jadeedi, 1st Lt. Hamad Mohammed Al Mulla, 1st Lt. Ahmed Khalfan Al Shehhi, 1st Lt. Hamad Mohammed Al Naqbi, 1st Lt. Sultan Saleh Al Tonaiji, 1st Lt. Ali Hamad Al Mansouri, 1st Lt. Rashid Nukhaira Al Shamesi, 1st Lt. Salim Saeed Hamrour, 1st Lt. Abdullah Ghaloum Khouri, 1st Lt. Ahmed Ali Hassan, 1st Lt. Tariq Ghanim Obeid, 1st Lt. Khalid Hassan Al Naqbi, 1st Lt. Ibrahim Obeid Ali, 1st Lt. Faisal Ismaeel Khouri, 1st Lt. Khalid Yusuf Obeid, 1st Lt. Ali Rashid Al Zahmi, 1st Lt. Jacob Yusuf Bin Amir. 1st Lt. Rashid Obeid Bin Hudhaiba, 1st Lt. Mullaiha Mahmoud Al Mazim, 1st Lt. Saif Abulrahman Al Kaabi, 1st Lt. Ali Abdulwahab Hassan, 1st Lt, Umar Ateeq Al Dhahiri, 1st Lt. Fahad Ahmed Raba, 1st Lt, Ahmed Mohammed Al Tonaiji, 1st Lt. Ali Abdullah Al Badwaoi, 1st Lt. Halaf Salim Al Ahbabi, 1stLt. Ismaeel Ibrahim Ali, 1st Lt. Yuosif Abdulqadir Al Ali, 1st Lt. Mohammed Ali Al Khumairi, 1st Lt. Abdullah Musa Abdullah, 1st Lt. Sorour Muhsin Ali Ahmed, 1st Lt. Nasir Jamal Ahmed Al Tair, 1st Lt. Sultan Salem Sahoo, 1st Lt. Khalid Abdullah Salem, 1st Lt. Rashid Saeed Al Kalbani, 1st Lt. Mohammed Abdullah Buhinad, 1st Lt. Talib Ghaloum Talib, 1st Lt. Anwar Saleh Al Nimr, 1st Lt. Khadeeja Salem Al Hosani, 1st Lt. Qasim Ahmed Qasim, 1st Lt. Saeed Saleh Al Junaibi, 1st Lt. Omar Mohammed Al Shamsi, 1st Lt. Shamsa Hamad Al Rawahi, 1st Lt. Salem Saif Al Ghafli, 1st Lt. Saeed Hamadi Al Dhahouri, 1st Lt. Hassan Abdullah Al Darmaki, 1st Lt. Majid Mohammed Al Jabri, 1st Lt. Mohammed Mubarak Al Kabi, 1st Lt. Mohammed Ahmed Al Swaidi, Lt. Rawdha Areef, Lt. Mohammed Aslam Abdulrasoul, Lt. Ibrahim Abdullah Ahli, Lt. Waleed Mohammed Mafouz, Lt. Mohammed Salem Al Tonaiji, Lt. Ahmed Shamis Al Kabi, Lt. Abdullah Hamad Al Amiri, Lt. Juma Obeid Al Nasiri, Lt. Amani Obeid Hassan, Lt. Waleed Mohammed Mal Allah, Lt. Fahad Nasir Al Nuaimi, Lt. Hamdi Abdullah Qasim, Lt. Saud Rashid Al Ali, Lt. Hassan Ali Al Badawi, Lt. Ahmed Hassan Abdulrahman, Lt. Saqr Salem Al Naqbi, Lt. Omar Ibrahim Al Shihi, Lt. Naser Rashid Al Kabi, Lt. Mohammed Amir Al Ashkhiri, Lt. Humaid Abdulrahman Al Shihi, Lt. Aeesa Uqail Al Khouri, Lt. Ahmed Mohammed Al Afari, Lt. Ali Saeed Al Afari, Lt. Mohammed Sultan Al Shamsi, Lt. Ahmed Salem Al Ariani, Lt. Abullah Mahmoud Al Mansouri, Lt. Rashid Saeed Al Hasani, Lt. Suhail Khalifa Al Zahmi, Lt, Waleed Mohammed Bin Hajar, Lt. Sami Abdullah Abdan, Lt. Badreea Musbah Khamees, Lt. Saeed Mohammed Ibrahim Al Bakr, Lt. Saeed Ahmed Humoudi, Lt. Khalid Mohammed Abu Al Shawarib, Lt. Abdullah Mohammed Ali Ahli, Lt. Badr Abas Albana, Lt. Sultan Darweesh Ahmed, Lt. Abdulraheem Mohammed Ahmed, Lt. Majid Mohammed Abdullah, Lt. Ikhlas Abdullah Abdulmajeed, Lt. Zeinab Yahia Al Muiz, Lt. Ahmed Nabeel Hamdan, Lt. Ahmed Nashat Al Jabi, Lt. Ahmed Mohammed Shareef, Lt. Ghalib Abdullah Al Kabi, Lt. Mohammed Abdulkareem Murad, Lt. Hamad Mohammed Al Hattali, Lt. Khawla Mohammed Al Zaabi, Lt. Salem Ali Al Hassani, Lt. Salem Saeed Al Darai, Lt. Khalifa Hamad Al Mazrouai, Lt. Suhail Saeed Al Kuthairi, Lt. Iftikhar Abdullah Alloghani, 1st W/O. Saheem Ali Al Naqbi, 1st W/O. Jasim Mohammed Abdullah, 1st W/O. Majid Khalifa Al Kabi, 1st W/O. Amal Abdullah Al Shihi, 1st W/O. Shareefa Abdullah Ibrahim, 1st W/O. Salim Ahmed Al Kabi, 1st W/O. Abdullah Ahmed Isknani, 1st W/O. Haifa Tariq Abdullah, 1st W/O. Hooria Mohammed Al Zarouni, 1st W/O. Humoud Hamad Al Salimi, 1st W/O. Tarish Madian Al Kwaiti, 1st W/O. Ibrahim Hamad Saad, 1st W/O. Yusuf Harib Al Kwaiti, 1st W/O. Yusuf Ali Al Marzouqi, 1st W/O. Masouma Mohammed Ali, 1st W/O. Hamad Mahfoudh Al Shihi, 1st W/O. Obeid Mohammed Al Mutairi, 1st W/O. Abdullah Mubarak Al Junaibi, 1st W/O. Amna Mohammed Al Saadi, 1st W/O. Rashid Saeed Abdullah, 1st W/O. Asma Sultan Al Shamsi, 1st W/O. Rashid Saeed Al Shihi, 1st W/O. Sheikha Saeed Al Habhoub, 1st W/O. Iman Mohammed Jabir, 1st W/O. Aisha Abdullah Hussein, 1st W/O. Waleed Ali Hasoun, 1st W/O. Ali Abdullah Al Naqbi, 1st W/O. Abdullah Juma Al Yamahi, 1st W/O. Omair Yuosuf Mohammed, 1st W/O. Najla Umran Al Kayyal, 1st W/O. Mohammed Saeed Ghabash, 1st W/O. Faiza Fauzi Mohammed, 1st W/O. Lulua Abdullah Al Jabri, 1st W/O. Yuosif Obeid Mohammed, 1st W/O. Mohammed Abdullah Al Zaioudi, 1st W/O. Ahmed Abdullah Hassan, 1st W/O. Fahim Sultan Al Khoori, 1st W/O. Omar Hassan Al Bagham, 1st W/O. Khalifa Humaid Bin Aran, 1st W/O. Hamad Ali Bin Amir, 1st W/O. Abdullah Issa Abdullah, 1st W/O. Sultan Obeid Al Zaabi, 1st W/O. Tariq Abdullah Al Shareef, 1st W/O. Naser Humaid Al Housani, 1st W/O. Omar Ali Hadoub, 1st W/O. Ali Zaid Harbi, 1st W/O. Dawood Sulaiman, 1st w/o Khalifa Ahmed Ibrahim,  1st w/o. Rashed Al Khateri, 1st w/o. Muaz Al Jallaf, 1st w/o Sultan Khalifa Khalaf. 1st w/o. Zeena Ali Salem, 1st w/o Khalfan Hassan Mohammed, 1st w/o. Abdullah Yousif, 1st w/o Mohammed Eissa Murad, 1st w/o. Ibtisam Mohammed Yousif, 1st w/o Rashed Al Sanaari, 1st w/o. Hamad Dalmouj Al Swuaidi, 1st w/o Mohammed Hassan Al Habsi, 1st w/o. Adel Abdullah Al Yammahi, 1st w/o. Talal Mohammed Al Alkeem. 1st w/o. Obeid Humaid bin Taryam, 1st w/o. Obeid Humaid Majhout, 1st w/o. Jassem Al Maamari, 1st w/o. Maha Khamis bin al Sheikh, 1st w/o. Maryam Hassan Al Hmoudi, 1st w/o. Khloud Hamad Al Khaledi, 1st w/o. Fatima Muftah Mubarak, 1st w/o. Maryam Salem Al Muhairbi, 1st w/o. Maryam Salem Al Muaala, 1st w/o. Abdulaziz Mohammed Al Shehhi, 1st w/o. Mohammed Rashed Al Abdouli, 1st w/o. Abdullah Nathar Abbas. 1st w/o. Ali Muftah Al Band, 1st w/o. Nouh Abdullah Obeid, 1st w/o. Ali Hassan Shukr, 1st w/o. Humaid Ibrahim Al Zaabi, 1st w/o. Eissa Younis Al Bloushi, 1st w/o. Maryam Mohammed Al Ali, 1st w/o. Ayesha Ibrahim Al Braimi, 1st w/o. Ahmed Mohammed Al Shehhi, 1st w/o. Abdulrahman Mohammed Al Habsi, w/o. Nuha Rashed Uqab, w/o. Hussein Mohammed Hassan, w/o. Maryam Rashed Al Ghaferi, w/o. Hamad Mohammed Al Shamesi, w/o. Mohammed Maktoum Al Shamesi, w/o. Adel Maatouq Al Ali, w/o. Mohammed Hassan Al Sharri, w/o. Mohammed Ibrahim, w/o. Salem Hassan Al Rufaei, w/o. Mouza Abdullah Al N Muhairbi, w/o. Mohammed Bashir Saeed, w/o. Mohammed Ali Al Hosani, w/o. Saleh Mohammed Al Shehhi, w/o. Rashed Salem bin Smait, w/o. Abdullah Malallah Mohammed, w/o. Salem Rashed Al Abdouli, w/o. Ibrahim Yousif Al Swuaidi, w/o. Mahdi Ahmed Omar, w/o. Ahmed Ali Mohammed, w/o. Isamaeel Mohammed Al Ali, w/o. Yousif Abdulraheem Al Tameemi, w/o. Saeed Khamis Al Abdouli, 1st Sergeant. Raid Mohammed Ali, 1st Sergeant. Sadeq Ali Ghloum, 1st Sergeant. Isamaeel Eissa Abbas, 1st Sergeant. Ibrahim Ali Eissa, 1st Sergeant. Abdulhameed Al Sheikh, 1st Sergeant. Ahmed Abbas Dadiya, 1st Sergeant. Ahmed Abdullah Al Dhaheri, 1st Sergeant. Maha Khamis Ismaeel, 1st Sergeant. Abdulhameed Abu Al Nour Ahmed, 1st Sergeant. Amal Abdullah Ahmed, 1st Sergeant. Fatima Rashed Fadhel, 1st Sergeant. Hessa Eissa Abdullah, 1st Sergeant. Shorouq Mohammed Al Rabawi, 1st Sergeant. Abdullah Ibrahim Ahmed, 1st Sergeant. Abdul Rahman Ahmed Mohammed, 1st Sergeant. Rashed Mohammed Garash, 1st Sergeant. Abdullah Rashed Al Habsi, 1st Sergeant. Rashed Ibrahim Rashed, 1st Sergeant. Mohammed Abdul Qader Oyoun, 1st Sergeant. Khalifa Ahmed Al Shakkay, 1st Sergeant. Saeed Ali Al Shamesi, 1st Sergeant. Khaled Humaid Al Zaabi, 1st Sergeant. Hamad Ibrahim Al Bishr, 1st Sergeant. Awatef Naseeb Ibrahim, 1st Sergeant. Mohammed Hassan Jamal, Sergeant. Abdul Razzaq Mohammed Mahmoud, Sergeant. Amna Salem Abdullah, Sergeant. Abdulmalik Qassim Al Ammari, Sergeant. Ahmed Ali Al Humaidi, Sergeant. Mohammed Abdullah Al Bloushi, Sergeant. Karam Shater Ali, Sergeant. Wala Al Hadey Siyam Sergeant. Salem Musaallam Al Ameri, Sergeant. Mohammed Khalil Al Marzouqi, Sergeant. Ruqayyah Ali Al Agbari, Sergeant. Aysha Ali Khalfan Al Hammadi, Sergeant. Abdullah Obeid Al Suwaidi, Sergeant. Ahmed Abdulkareem Mohammed, Sergeant. Ahmed Saif Al Muhairi, Sergeant. Abdullah Mohammed Al Habsi, Sergeant. Qias Saeed Al Dhohoori, Sergeant. Abdullah Mousa Ali, 1st Corp. Ahmed Ibrahim Kamal, 1st Corp, Abdullah Abdulrahman Al Anahdi, 1st Corp. Maha Othman Ahmed, 1st Corp Hassan Mohammed Ahmed, 1st Corp. Salem Rashed Al Madhani, Corp. Khalid Mohammed Qassim, Corp. Omer Khamis Al Kendi, Corp. Mohammed Saleh Al Osani, Corp. Mohammed Nasser Mohammed Amin, Corp. Ishaq Hamad Yousif, Corp. Shamma Abdullatif, Corp. Amal Abdulrahim Al Harmi, Corp. Shamsa Saeed Al Shehhi, Corp. Khalid Ahmed Hassan, Corp. Nasser Khalfan Al Hamdi, Corp. Fatima Abdulrahman Mohammed, Corp. Amina Ahmed Al Ameeri, Corp. Ali Ahmed Al Antely, Corp. Hazza Obeid Ali Badr, Corp. Ahmed Hassan Al Shehhi, Corp. Salem Obeid Al Seraidi, Corp. Eissa Mohammed Ghaferi, Corp. Saleh Saeed Yammahi, Corp. Taleb Abdullah Al Hammadi, Corp. Jaber Abdullah Asad, Corp. Ali Saeed Al Dhanhani, 1st policeman. Salah Abdulrahman Sulaibeekh, 1st policeman. Mohammed Shambeh Darkoush, 1st policeman. Khamis Salmeen Bilal, 1st policeman. Ghazi Yassin Al Subaihi, 1st policeman. Murad Mazar Al Bloushi, 1st policeman. Samiyah Yahya Hassan, 1st policeman. Sayyed Mahmoud Khalil, 1st policeman. Saeed Musallam Al Ameri, Policeman. Mohammed Saleh Mohammed, Policeman. Mohammed Amjad Mohammed, Policeman. Azza Mohammed Mubarak, Policeman. Fatima Saleh Ahmed, Policeman. Abul Qassim Nour El Islam, Policeman. Mohammed Hanif Hassan, Policeman. Husham Hussein Shayef, Policeman. Mohammed Ismaeel Abdul Sattar, Policeman. Radhwa Shafeeq Shalabi, Civilian. Azra Rashed Mohamamed, Civilian. Afaf Jassem Ahmed, Civilian. Amal Ateeq Al Muhairi, Admin. Hessa Ali Nuaimi, Ayesha Saeed Rashed, Clerk. Fatima Al Shehhi, Clerk. Tahera Saeed Al Dirae, Clerk. Fatima Saeed Al Shamesi, Clerk. Saffiyah Qassim Saleh, Maha Al Tunaiji, Clerk. Al Madani Sourbeel, Civlian. Mohammed Kamal Al Sisi, Dr. Naser Mohammed Al Drwasha, Civilian. Ayesha Abdul Qudoos, Ismaeel Jamal Al Zarouni, Maitha Mohammed Helal Al Sobousi, Dr. Mamdouh Abdul Hameed, Hada Ali Al Shamesi, Expert. Dr. Abdul Kareem Abu Al Fotouh, Statistician. Ahmed Al Mamoun Abdullah, Manal Abdulrahman Al Noua, Aisha Ali Hussein, Fatima Jalal Ahmed, Hwaida Ali Mohammed, Legal Researcher. Mahmoud Mohammed Abdulqadir, Advisor. Talal Ibrahim Al Kailani, Technician. Bashar Jalal Sasa, Muhsin Ahmed Mohammed, Ihab Salahuldeen, Media Expert. Abdullah Ibrahim Shahain, Saeed Mirza, Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Samara, Legal Researcher. Husamuldeen Mustafa Al Shazali, Expert. Khalid Waleed Al Said, Expert. Jalal Al Nuaimi, Excellence Coordinator. Saeed Mohammed Al Marzouqi, Fatima Ahmed Al Kamali, Admin. Mansour Ali Mohammed Al Umair, Admin. Fatima Mohammed Al Hamadi, Admin. Hissa Ali Akia, Admin. Ibrahim Mohammed Al Shamli, Statistician. Amal Sabri, Chief Translator. Faraj Yunus Saleem, Clerk. Ismat Shawqi Qazman, Assistant Expert. Ahmed Sabri Shoman, Information Tech Expert. Ayman Abdulahameed Al Qalioubi, Assistant Advisor. Ahmed Abulmajeed Al Haj, Assistant Advisor. Al Sayyed Ahmed Abdulsabour, Assistant Expert. Al Badri Al Rayyah Al Badawi, Statistician. Jamal Mohammed Shakir, Preacher. Mahmoud Al Samadi, Admin. Abdulamajeed Abu Al Nour, IT Tech. Riham Naeem Mohammed, Assistant Admin. Hassan Basam Ali, Admin. Siham Saeed Al Sheikh, Statistician. Zuhair Abdullah Abdulrahman, Admin. Maha Saeed Al Nuamani and Admin. Kifah Mohammed Al Hanai.