Sunday: 13 June 2010:

Understanding between ADP and "Siraj" to enhance media
 communication with the Indian Community


ADP GHQ and Kerala-based Siraj Malayalam newspaper, signed on Sunday a MOU on cooperation between the two sides, for communication with Indian Communities living in the UAE, with the presence of Major General Khaleel Dawood Badran, Director general of Finance and Services at ADP and Sheikh kanthapuram Abubakr Musiliar, Chairman of Siraj Publishing Group.

Lt. Colonel Khalid Al Shamsi, Deputy Director of Technical Affairs and Security Media, signed the MOU for ADP GHQ, and MKM Abbas, Editor-in-chief signed for Siraj newspaper.

Major General Khaleel Dawood Badran welcomed the agreement between the two parties affirming the keenness of HH Lt. General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy prime Minister and Minister of Interior to boost cooperation between the UAE and the friendly India in the fields of mutual interest.

Badran also appreciated the efforts being made by Siraj newspaper in educating Indian Community members living in UAE, on the country procedures, regulations and laws especially in policing and security areas.

He affirmed the agreement would play a leading role in enhancing joint media cooperation between ADP GHQ and Siraj daily to achieve the desired aspirations.

He also explained "The agreement which is supervised by the Department of Security Media aims at enhancing interactive communication mechanism through wide-spread Medias. He stresses the importance of non-Arabic language Medias role in boosting joint communication and acquainting the members of foreign communities with the latest developments in policing and security areas, means of protection from crime and any illegal practices".

Sheikh kanthapuram Abubakr Musiliar said "The Indian Community is one of the biggest communities living in the UAE with all their cultural and geographical diversities. The Malyalies are the largest segment which is almost 1.5 million. It is imperative that we consider their creative contribution and communicate with them to assure our support to them to remain benevolent to this country and its people in order to make this place the most safe and secured in the world".

In a statement after the signing of the agreement he added "Publishing of of awareness messages will be highlighted, especially those concerned with MoI and its Departments efforts in facing illegal residents and providing right information, ensuring the safety of our schools and roads and building a perfect relationship with the community we are communicating with".

He has lauded the efforts of MoI and ADP in spreading awareness through official channels and taking necessary actions to address issues of relevance to expatriate residents, such as the Human Rights Department, Law Respect Culture Department, Community Policing Department and "Al Faraj" Fund to assist Correctional and Punitive Establishments inmates and their families. They are examples with no parallels anywhere in the world.

"Siraj newspaper has five more editions published in Kerala State. The information and series published here will also be covered in their Kerala editions if they have relevance for local readers. This will help family members back home to follow up what is happening here to their relatives and also for potential job seekers or visitors to be aware of the