​Abu Dhabi Police provides exit permits during the working hours of the National Sterilization Program (Abu Dhabi Traffic Permit System) from 10 pm to 6 am through the website www.adpolice.gov.ae

Abu Dhabi Police stressed the importance of adhering to the time limit for the permit so that the person does not experience the violation. In the event of an unauthorized discharge for the necessary requirements such as visiting a hospital or pharmacy or purchasing basic needs, the person must prove the cause of the emergency discharge.

Abu Dhabi Police explained that those whose nature of work requires the presence of staff during the time of the national sterilization program must provide the Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Committee in The Emirate of Abu Dhabi with statements containing the names of employees and the numbers of their vehicle plates.

Vehicles belonging to vital sectors will be automatically excluded from the system of violations.

A person is entitled to complain of administrative penalty for violating precautionary measures, instructions and duties imposed to limit the spread of the coronavirus through the website or the smart application of the Public Prosecution www.pp.gov.ae within 15 days of notification of the violation.