Frequently Asked Questions

1 . Can I report the security information (intelligence) I have, though I am not sure they are correct?

Yes, you can provide the information you have, and we thank you for your security awareness that contributes to maintaining security and safety in the UAE.

2 . Does AMAN Service receive criminal reports?

No, AMAN call center receives security information (intelligence), not criminal reports. Whoever has a criminal report must go to the nearest police station.

3 . What is the difference between the security information (intelligence) and the police report?

Information: means confirmed or unconfirmed data related to persons who have carried out, carrying out or will carry out an act punishable by law and have used several means (vehicles - weapons - explosives - drugs - social media) at a specific time and place.
Report: means to inform the competent authorities (police or prosecution) about the occurrence of a crime, which is a right for any person who was a subject to a crime or witnessed the occurrence of a crime. It is an administrative procedure that entails lodging a new lawsuit.

4 . Can I open a police report against someone or an unknown person through the service?

No, in case of police reports you can proceed to police stations for they are the competent authority.

5 . Can I provide information on behalf of other persons?

Yes, you can report about the information you have on behalf of other persons.

6 . Are there any fees for providing information through AMAN service?

There are no fees for providing information, since AMAN service is free and available to all.

7 . will the identity of the information provider be kept confidential through AMAN service?

AMAN service ensures keeping confidential the identity of the information provider.

8 . Is it through AMAN call center that direct actions are taken based on the information received from the public?

No, AMAN call center receives the information and transfer them to the competent authorities, for instance the social issues are transferred to the social support center.

9 . Does AMAN service provide various languages for receiving the information from the public?

Yes, you can provide the information you have in the following languages: Arabic – English – Urdu

10 . Can I report emergency cases through AMAN service?

No, during emergencies, you can communicate directly with the control room on the number 999.

11 . Can I make a complaint or provide a suggestion through AMAN service?

No, AMAN service was established to receive security information in its various classifications. So if you want to make a complaint or provide a suggestion, you can use the following channels:
For complaints related to AD Police
For suggestions related to AD Police
For complaints and suggestions related to Abu Dhabi Emirate:You can communicate with Abu Dhabi government platform on the number 800555
To open an official report:Use MoI Application.

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