The Warehouses Section at the Procurement and Warehouses Department of Abu Dhabi Police carried out a successful mock drill to extinguish a ‘fire’ that broke out in one of the departments’ warehouses. The drill was carried out in collaboration with the Directorate General for Civil Defense.

According to the training scenario, rescue teams rushed to carry out the fire extinguishing drill and evacuated the warehouses’ employees and workers that were divided into 4 groups. Firefighting teams managed to contain the ‘fire' in a record time.

As per the scenario, the Ministry of Interior’s Operations Room received a tip-off at 9:00 a.m. on the outbreak of the ‘fire’.  Following the activation of the fire alarm system, safety officials evacuated the four warehouses and guided employees and workers to the muster points pending the arrival of Civil Defense and rescue teams.

The evacuation plan was conducted according to the scenario after notifying the relevant police authorities, Civil Defense and backup entities, which immediately moved to the scene. The teams included firefighter teams from Al Qubeisat station, Ambulance and Rescue vehicles and Traffic Patrols. The participating police and firefighting teams dealt professionally and efficiently with the fire drill and managed to contain the ‘fire’ and rescue the two ‘injured’ individuals who were then transferred to the hospital for further treatment.

Colonel Dr. Abdullah Ahmed bin Juma, Head of the Procurement and Warehouses Department at the Ministry of Interior, indicated that the drill personifies the department's keenness to enhance staff members’ capabilities and qualify them to deal efficiently with such incidents. "This drill contributes to promoting the Ministry of Interior's strategic goals, notably protecting lives and property, as well as increasing awareness," he added; thanking all participants for their cooperation to ensure the success of the mock fire drill.

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