The mobile lecturing unit of the “Tathqeef” education traffic patrol, a subsidiary of the Al Ain Traffic and Patrols Section, participated in the Educational Convoys Event, recently organized by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development in Al Yahar, Al Ain. The mobile lecture unit provided films and distributed traffic awareness pamphlets. A number of local departmental and institutional officials from the city of Al Ain and residents from all areas of Al Ain attended the event.

Lt. Colonel Jamal Salem Al Ameri, Chief of Public Relations Section in the Traffic and Patrols Directorate, said that the mobile traffic education patrol is considered as one of the most important achievements of the Traffic and Patrols Directorate. The mobile traffic education patrol, which acts as a mobile lecturing unit, was activated to provide traffic services to the community and mobile awareness lectures, and participate in various events as it travels between residential units and institution. As a part of the strategy of the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters to elevate the level of the traffic education of all sectors of the community, Lt. Colonel Al Ameri explained that a projector has been installed to show purposeful traffic awareness films.

First Lieutenant Nasser Khalifa Al Shamesi, Public Relations Branch Manager at Al Ain Traffic Section, mentioned that the awareness lectures witnessed a vast turnout by the public with more than 1000 in attendance. The attendees benefited from the lectures that presented material regarding the main causes of traffic accidents and raised awareness overall. “The patrol can easily reach every area of Al Ain, and the ideas have been well received by all of those in attendance,” he said.  

In 2011, the Traffic and Patrols Directorate at Abu Dhabi Police promoted its educational traffic patrols working in the field by adding the “Tathqeef” patrols throughout Abu Dhabi. Since the launch of these patrols, they have been well received by every segment and age group in society.

In order to raise awareness amongst motorists, the “Tathqeef” patrols conduct field visits throughout Abu Dhabi and provide detailed explanations of traffic safety rules. As an effort to reduce traffic accidents, the patrols also provide awareness booklets and pamphlets in various languages; raise public awareness in public places and shopping malls; and organize lectures at educational institutions for all education levels.

“Tathqeef” patrols also participate in local councils within an integrated system in an effort to promote and elevate the level of community traffic education. These endeavors reflect the strategies and approaches of the Abu Dhabi Police in traffic safety and social communication.

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