The Mobile Dental Care Unit affiliated with the Medical Services Department at Abu Dhabi Police continued its rounds to check the teeth and provide treatment for a wide social category across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. This step comes under the ‘Plants of Hope’ initiative launched by Lt. General H.H Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, to promote the police’s role in the service of society and provide the best health services.

As part of its universities and schools rounds, the Medical Services Department at Abu Dhabi Police, represented by the Mobile Dental Care Unit and medical staff, organized a health education week at Abu Dhabi University. The program included a number of events and activities, as well as comprehensive dental check-ups and screening for female and male students and university staff. The Mobile Dental Care Unit staff also provided necessary advice to ensure a good dental and oral hygiene; and referred some cases to specialized hospitals.

The medical staff accompanying the Mobile Dental Care Unit carried out comprehensive medical check-ups for students and staff. The checks included blood pressure, blood sugar and blood carbon dioxide levels measurement. Brochures were also distributed to students and staff, acquainting them with the dangers of smoking, and the importance of oral and dental hygiene; as well as information about a number of diseases, their causes and ways of treatment.

Major General Khalil Dawood Badran, Director General of Finance and Services at Abu Dhabi Police, said that the generous initiative of Lt. General H.H Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior by providing the Mobile Dental Care Unit aims at alleviating the suffering of some community segments. To this end, H.H Sheikh Saif bin Zayed gave his instructions to provide a police medical staff to meet the needs of the less fortunate social segments without the hassle of visiting hospitals.

He also indicated that as the Mobile Dental Care Unit, which provides its services to all community segments and age groups, is fitted with a special mechanical lift to help disabled people reach the dental chair easily. He added that the unit strives to reach disabled people unconditionally wherever they are, to provide them with high quality services.

For their part, Abu Dhabi University students expressed their delight with this initiative that reflects the police leadership’s commitment to maintain public health in general and dental and oral health in particular. Mohammed Yusuf, a Business Administration student, commended the services offered by the Mobile Dental Care Unit. “The Mobile Dental Care Unit has relieved the suffering of many individuals and saved them from the high cost of dental procedures and long waiting hours. Most people avoid regular dentists’ visits for fear of discovering dental issues,” said Mohammed Yusuf.

Abdullah Mahmoud, Mechanical Engineering student, hailed the idea of the Mobile Dental Care Unit, as a means to save people time, effort and the hassle of undergoing dental check-ups. “There are also several awareness campaign and health check-ups carried out to prevent chronic diseases that threaten society. Hence, there is no excuse to not undergo regular oral and dental check-ups,” Abdullah Mahmoud stressed.

Hamza Al Alej, Computer Engineering student, said that the Ministry of Interior has implemented several innovative ideas for the benefit of community members, noting that the Mobile Dental Care Unit has encouraged many students to have dental check-ups. Additionally, and thanks to the awareness campaign, students were introduced to the importance of oral and dental hygiene.

Mohammed Awni, Electrical Engineering student, praised the concept of the Mobile Dental Care Unit, which prompted students to have dental check-ups and other medical tests to ensure they are chronic disease-free. He also suggested organizing additional educational lectures to complement the awareness campaigns, because brochures are not sufficiently attractive or interesting to some students. “Teeth are a delicate and sensitive part of the human body, and dental care is highly expensive. Therefore, some people do not have their teeth checked unless they are in a lot of pain.” he said.

Yassin Alman, Electrical Engineering student, said: “It surely is a generous initiative on the part of the MoI that has clearly understood the high importance of dental and oral health. “Many people cannot afford regular dental check-ups. Moreover, the health campaign accompanying the dental unit provides the public with a chance to diagnose life-threatening cases of high blood pressure and diabetes, before it’s too late,” Yassin Alman said.

For their part, female students asserted the instrumental role of this initiative in encouraging them to have regular dental check-ups. Haya Nawar, Interior Design student, expressed her admiration of the idea. She said: “I have always made sure to taking proper care of my teeth, however, overwhelmed with studying; I sometimes fail to undergo regular check-ups.” She noted that the Mobile Dental Care Unit has granted her the opportunity to screen her teeth without the hassle of visiting the hospital.

Additionally, Kawthar Al Kathiri, Aviation Engineering student, said that her friend has been suffering from toothache for a long time, but did not have the time to visit the dentist. Kawthar’s friend benefited from the Mobile Dental Care Unit’s visit to their university, along with their female colleagues who live on campus and have trouble commuting to the city’s hospitals.

Yasira Saeed, Chemical Engineering student, expressed her delight to having the Mobile Dental Care Unit for a full week at the university. She also expressed her delight for the accompanying medical campaign that has been highly acclaimed by students who were keen to have their teeth screened and to undergo medical health tests. Yasira Saeed explained that she was mostly happy with the Mobile Dental Care Unit’s visit, because lives on campus and does not have a car.
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