The Human Rights Department at the Ministry of Interior organized a seminar on Monday under the theme “Caring for the Family Contributes to Upgrading Society”. The seminar, organized in cooperation with the UAE Women Police Association, was held at the St. Regis Hotel, Abu Dhabi, on the occasion of the International Day of Families.

The opening ceremony was attended by Major General Abdul Aziz Maktoum Al Shareefi, Director General of Protective Security at the Ministry of Interior; in the presence of Sheikh Mohammad bin Khalifa bin Sultan bin Shakhboot Al Nahyan, Chairman of UAE Multiple Sclerosis Support Group; Brigadier Ahmed Mohammed Nehkairah, Head of Human Rights Department, Ministry of Interior. Also attending were Brigadier Mohammed Khalifa Al Marar, Director General of Undersecretary Diwan at the Ministry of Interior; Mr. Ahmed Shabib Al Dhaheri, Director General of the Zayed Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation; Captain Amina Mohammed Khamis Al Bloushi, Chairwoman of the UAE Women Police Association and Regional Director for Women Police in the Middle East region; as well as a number of officers and representatives of family-centric entities.

The opening ceremony began with the UAE National Anthem, followed by a recitation from the Holy Quran. In his address, Major General Abdul Aziz Maktoum Al Shareefi welcomed the attendees and thanked the experts and lecturers for their participation in the seminar. He conveyed the greetings of the police leadership and their good wishes for success to all, as well as their hopes that the seminar would achieve its humanitarian objectives and ensure social stability and domestic security to families.

Major General Al Shareefi said: “The UAE dedicates significant attention to the family. To this end, it is keen to organize several projects and programs annually in collaboration with various government institutions and civil society organizations, based on deliberate and specific operational plans. This would help to preserve the family structure in light of the rapid changes taking place in modern societies, which significantly affect the family structure.”

He continued: “The UAE has made countless achievements that reflect its wise policy of taking care of all members of society.” Moreover, he praised the attention dedicated by her Highness Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, Chairwoman of the General Women's Union, Supreme Chairperson of Family Development Foundation (FDF), and Chairwoman of the Supreme Council of Motherhood and Childhood; Mother of the UAE, to the Emirati family.

Adding further, he said: “in line with social responsibility, the Ministry of Interior dedicates great attention and support to the Emirati family. Marking the International Day of Families reflects the valuable role played by families in social life, being the fundamental pillar of society. Family has a formative influence on social education and teaches children the values, customs and traditions prevailing in society that may affect their personality and behavior in the future.”

In conclusion, he expressed his heartfelt thanks for the organizers of the seminar and all those who contributed to its success; wishing everyone the best of luck in their efforts for the good of humanity and society.

Captain Amina Mohammed Khamis Al Bloushi, Chairwoman of the UAE Women Police Association, also delivered a speech on the occasion. She said: “The UAE society was built on cohesion, communication and collaboration among its members, is based on strong values and pillars that were established by the higher leadership, by providing a decent life and stability to all community members. The ‘Personality of the Year for Family Cohesion and Social Security’ award extended to Lt. General HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, by the Arab Family Organization (AFO), reflects His Highness’s unwavering support and attention to this vital entity, which is family.”

She added: “Since its inception, the UAE Women Police Association has dedicated significant attention to women and family, trough all of its initiatives and various events. To this end, it launched the ‘Distinguished Military Family’ Award, the ‘Perfect Mother’ Award and the ‘Distinguished Female Employee with Disabilities’ Award. These awards reflect our keenness to encourage and promote women, who constitute the pillar in building a righteous family.” She continued: “The UAE Women Police Association recently launched the ‘Innovation and Excellence’ Award for children of the Ministry of Interior’s employees. This reflects our increasing belief in the role of the family in society. The seminar is part of our celebrations to mark the International Day of Families, to assure everyone that the family remains the core element towards building a righteous moral model and the main pillar of a healthy society.”

Captain Al Bloushi also praised the Ministry of Interior’s valuable role towards the community, in terms of construction, priorities and goals. This includes promoting community participation, ensuring its cooperation and gaining its confidence and satisfaction with all the tasks and duties carried out by the security services, as a key part of the Ministry of Interior’s strategy.

In conclusion, she hoped that the seminar would come up with recommendations that serve the Ministry of Interior’s efforts to ensure the well-being of the community, promote its safety and eliminate all threats; wishing all participants the best of success.

After that, the sessions of the seminar began, with a speech delivered by Mr. Ahmed Shabib Al Dhaheri, Director General of the Zayed Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation, by which he praised the efforts of His Highness, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, and his unstinting support to the Emirati family, as it represents the core element of a bright future. “The Emirati family is open to various cultures; hence, we need to not look at the challenges it is confronted with, but try to find the appropriate solutions that would help the Emirati family spread the humanitarian values to achieve the happiness of the people in the UAE,” he said.

Al Dhaheri added that the humanitarian aid provided by the UAE to countries of the world have earned it a leading position among world countries in providing assistance to people in need.

He also emphasized the country’s leadership’s attention to women; in order to help them achieve balance between their career and family responsibilities in bringing up righteous generations, instilling humanitarian and patriotic values in their spirit, caring for them and guiding them throughout their lives.

Then Dr. Abdulla Abbas, from the University College for Mother and Family Science in Ajman, spoke about the social problems facing the family entity. He also shed light on the history of the college, years of study and various courses given in the college.

Amal bin Jarash Al Suwaidi, from the Community Development Authority in Dubai, spoke about the role of family communication in enhancing the values of citizenship and national identity. She noted that family communication is the interaction between family members through discussion, understanding, persuasion and agreement.

She also listed the various types of family communication and its importance in promoting the values of citizenship and national identity. She also tackled the reasons behind lack of family communication and the difference between citizenship and national identity.

Colonel Ahmad Al Badi, Director General of the Faraj Fund at the Ministry of Interior, spoke about the fund’s role in helping inmates of the punitive and correctional establishments across the country, imprisoned for outstanding financial debts, by studying their situations and setting up a list of approved inmates, eligible to receive help and be released from jail.

He highlighted the goals of the Faraj fund and its charitable and humanitarian role, to enhance the level of care and ensure a decent life for inmates. He also praised the role of different state institutions and sectors in supporting the fund.

At the end of the seminar, the floor was opened for questions; experts and lecturers answered the questions and queries of the attendees.


Captain Amina Khamis Al Bloushi announced the set of recommendations issued by the seminar, as follows:

  • The attendees stressed the need to establish social guidance sections at government institutions and to support day care centers at those institutions with qualified Emirati nannies that could help inculcate the values of the Emirati family in those children.
  • The attendees stressed the need to call the community police to cooperate by providing the opportunity for Emirati women to volunteer and participate in achieving family cohesion. They also stressed the need for social institutions to reinforce their role and introduce the services they provide, to allow families to benefit from the family-oriented services provided by these institutions.
  • The attendees stressed the need to promote the role of social institutions in raising awareness of the youth, with a view to prevent them from falling into delinquency and to guarantee stability of the family. They also called for enhancing the role of the media in dealing with family-related issues, in light of the increasing influence of globalization and modern technologies.
  • The attendees stressed the important role of schools in raising awareness of students on the dangers of delinquency and bad company; and the need to enhance academic curricula with topics related to family care.
  • The attendees stressed the need to instruct government and private institutions to allow employees to accompany their relatives for treatment; they also called competent authorities specialized in providing treatment facilities outside the country, to provide employees who accompany patients the priority in appointments and treatment through a clear treatment plan.

At the end of the seminar, Brigadier Mohammed Khalifa Al Marar, Director General of Undersecretary Diwan at the Ministry of Interior, honored the participating specialists and lecturers.
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