H.E Mohammed Ould Ahmed Salem, Mauritania’s Minister of Interior and Decentralization praised the advanced levels that Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters has achieved across its various facilities. He also expressed his and the accompanying delegation’s happiness for the opportunity to visit a number of police departments that have achieved significant developmental levels, to further advance the security and stability enjoyed by the United Arab Emirates.

The guest Minister and the accompanying delegation also reviewed the development efforts achieved at the Forensic Evidence Department of Abu Dhabi Police, the Police College, and the Security Support Section. Additionally, Major General  Misgharou Ould Sidi Ould Ghoueizy, Head of Groupement Général de la Sécurité des Routes (GGSR) at the Mauritania Ministry of Interior visited the Traffic and Patrols Directorate in Abu Dhabi Police, where he was acquainted with the modern  applications and smart systems applied  according to the latest  international practices in traffic safety. Major General Misgharou Ould Sidi Ould Ghoueizy met Brigadier Hussein Ahmed Al Harithi, Director of Traffic and Patrols Directorate at Abu Dhabi Police. During the meeting, both parties discussed ways to strengthen training collaboration and traffic- related exchange of expertise with Abu Dhabi Police.

The delegation was also briefed about the automatic detection devices and radars used by Abu Dhabi Police on the internal and external roads. They also reviewed the highly efficient infrared no-flash surveillance cameras that are installed on various intersections in Abu Dhabi, to detect violators and capture their violations on intersections. The delegation also examined the Smart Traffic Patrol that is equipped with the latest smart systems, which allows it to track wanted vehicles, exchange information and send data directly to the Central Operations Room. Additionally, the delegation reviewed the tasks undertaken by the various departments at the Traffic and Patrols Directorate; the main aspects of the Abu Dhabi Police traffic safety strategy; as well as the role of community partnership in enhancing communication with all society segments and involving them positively in traffic safety efforts. At end of the visit, commemorative gifts were exchanged between both parties.

Colonel Abdul Rahman Al Hammadi, Head of the Forensic Evidence Department, welcomed the guest Minister and the accompanying delegation upon their arrival to the Abu Dhabi Police Forensic Evidence Department. Colonel Al Hammadi gave the delegation a detailed presentation about the development phases of the department. He also emphasized the police leadership’s attention and support for the development process, out its firm belief in the department's valuable role in achieving criminal justice. The visiting delegation also viewed the work flow and nature of tasks undertaken by the Forensic Evidence Department, in addition to the work mechanisms and forensic laboratory testing methods. The delegation was also introduced to the future visions and goals that will enable the Forensic Evidence laboratories to achieve additional excellence, notably after acquiring several international accreditations and being adopted as a regional forensic reference.

Furthermore, the H.E Mauritania’s Minister of Interior and Decentralization and the accompanying delegation toured some of the technical sections at the department and were briefed by section heads about the tasks and techniques of laboratory work, technical report writing, and the sections' role in uncovering   crimes according to cutting-edge specialized techniques and equipment in this field.

H.E Mauritania’s Minister of Interior praised the efforts exerted to develop the Forensic Evidence Department, which yielded the prestigious forensic laboratories for which the UAE is proud, and which play an active role in achieving criminal justice. H.E Mauritania’s Minister of Interior also hailed the distinguished level that Abu Dhabi Police has achieved, which earns it a prominent status among the leading security authorities that rely on science and modern technologies coupled with excellent training, to make unique achievements in various fields.

At the Police College, the guest Minister and the accompanying delegation met Colonel Saif Ali Al Ketbi, Police College Director, department heads, chiefs of sections and a number of officers from the College.

During the meeting, both parties discussed ways to promote cooperation relations and exchange visits between the Police College and similar training colleges and institutions in Mauritania.

Colonel Saif Ali Al Ketbi gave the delegation a detailed briefing about the Police College, the Police Officers Training Institute and the various departments and sections affiliated to the college. He also shed light on the tasks and duties undertaken by the college, as well as the training and academic programs provided in order to graduate highly efficient police officers, who have the ability to carry out various police work. At the end of the visit, both parties exchanged commemorative gifts and shields.

During the visit to Security Support Section at Abu Dhabi Police, the visiting Minister and the accompanying delegation were greeted by Lieutenant Colonel Khaled Saeed Al Shamesi, Chief of Security Support Section. Lieutenant Colonel Al Shamesi briefed the delegation about the tasks and duties carried out by the section and its objectives. The delegation was also given a detailed overview of the duties undertaken by the section’s various branches and the distinguished results that have been achieved in supporting field patrols. Lieutenant Colonel Khaled Al Shamesi also emphasized the important role of the section in managing highly efficient police patrols that are equipped with necessary tools and advanced devices and equipment, in addition to highly qualified officers who have the ability to handle all situations according to the provisions of the law and public order applicable in the UAE.

The visiting Minister and the accompanying delegation praised the efforts of Abu Dhabi Police in managing highly efficient comprehensive police patrols. They also lauded the competency of the police National staff members and their professionalism in discharging the tasks assigned to them in the best way possible.

The visiting delegation also commended the female staff members’ role and admired their readiness and ability to respond quickly to all situations that require the Security Support’s intervention. "We are extremely delighted with what we have witnessed and for the comprehensive presentations we were given about the Security Support Section," said H.E Mohammed Ould Ahmed Salem. "This proves the Abu Dhabi Police’s ability to promptly respond to the various public security requirements, and to counter and prevent crimes. Such efforts guarantee peace of mind for inhabitants and preserves their lives and property," he added. H.E Mauritania’s Minister of Interior noted that the tasks undertaken by the Section represent a quantum leap in police work and further enhance the operational capabilities, which ultimately contribute to enhancing community members’ confidence in police competency in general.

In conclusion, the visiting Minister and the accompanying delegation reviewed the equipment of the Security Support patrol, which allows it to perform its duties and intervene in record time and timely manner, according to procedures stipulated by the law. At the end of the visit, the Chief of the Security Support Section presented a commemorative gift to the guest Minister.

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