Lt.Gen. Saif bin Zayed opens the 12th Arabian Gulf Security Conference

Terrorism is not a new phenomenon but rather an age-old menace that is nurtured by socio-economic and political factors, said H.H. Lt.Gen. Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Interior.

Addressing a conference on the Arabian Gulf Security, Sheikh Saif added that although terrorism is as old as human societies, yet it is exacerbated by cultural, social, economic and even security conditions.

The conference on the Arabian Gulf Security- Internal and External Challenges opened here Monday and will last until the 7th of March, 2007. The conference is organized by Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research, under the patronage of General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces.

Sheikh Saif told the conferees that the formidable challenge posed by terrorism requires security and law enforcement agencies to keep abreast the task and adopt the latest security feats and innovations.

"Security organizations are handling huge challenges and responsibilities.

These enormous challenges make it imperative for the security forces to organise and develop their capabilities in terms of structural set up so as to be more responsive to the latest economic, cultural, social and political challenges", he said.

He noted that there have been varying definitions on the concept of terrorism among politicians around the world, adding that the tendency to commit crime could be traced back to prehistoric era, notably when Cain murdered his brother Abel.

Sheikh Saif said the Middle East region in general and the Arabian Gulf in particular has accomplished qualitative change compared to the overall situation that prevailed five decades ago. During the last decade, the progress achieved by government institutions and bodies has been consistent and concurrent, occurring at all levels and in all fields especially at the economic level. However, the security aspect has tended to lag behind the progress made in other government sectors.

"Therefore, there is a dire need to focus on the development of security organizations and apparatus to match the qualitative progress achieved by other state entities, both public and private", he said.

One of the challenges facing security organizations, he said, is the drawing up of strategies, mechanisms and goals as well as the enhancement of organizational structures that would provide a clearer vision and approach at different leadership, administrative and functional levels.

Yet another security challenge is the rapid evolution of crime both in terms of type, and modes of commission, with criminals benefiting from modern technological advances. Hence the security apparatus will have to deal with this development or master these sophisticated technologies in order to fight and preempt crime.

Sheikh Saif concluded by saying the new and modern concepts must be adopted in the field of security by applying advanced techniques and capabilities.

"This will inevitably result in fostering joint cooperation mechanisms to ensure the ultimate success of all parties concerned with confronting internal, regional and international challenges", he said.
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