Lecture on Quality performance by Abu Dhabi Police
Research and Studies Centre of security department in coordination with the Quality Commission at Abu Dhabi Police GHQ have organized a lecture on the topic “evaluation of performance of police using the European quality standards”.
The lecture was conducted by Colonel Mohamed Ali Al Dalal Al Naqbi and was attended by a large number of senior and other officers from different departments of Abu Dhabi Police.
In his lecture he discussed various aspects related to quality performance and the process of evaluation and the modern concepts of quality and its evolution over the past 20 years comparing with the Quality Japan.
He said that the first police to use the Quality System was the of police Madison, United States of America. Then Cambridge Police in UK and Dubai Police came in the 3rd place in worldwide and that AD Police joined in the year 2000.
The lecture also touched the topics of research, which happened to be his Master's degree program of the Bradford University in UK and on the study of quality performance at the Police College in Abu Dhabi using the European standard of quality.
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